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Re: Mac Pro: Cannot exec AMBE server

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  • Robin Cutshaw
    ... installed the ... click on ... message. ... none to be ... least ... core machine, ... current driver ... terminal on my mac OS X ... everything works. I
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 13, 2008
      --- In DVDongle@yahoogroups.com, "James T. Rogers" <w4atk@...> wrote:
      > --- In DVDongle@yahoogroups.com, Jay Maynard <jmaynard@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I'm running OS X Leopard on a dual-quad core Mac Pro. I've
      installed the
      > > latest driver from ftdichip.com, and the current software. When I
      click on
      > > the Open button, I get the dreaded "Cannot exec ambe server"
      > >
      > > The docs mention a special multiprocessor driver, but there's
      none to be
      > > found at the FTDI site. Since essentially every Intel Mac is at
      > > dual-core (only the cheapest Mac Mini was offered as a single-
      core machine,
      > > and that may no longer be the case), I'd be surprised if the
      current driver
      > > didn't handle that properly.
      > >
      > > How do I go about finding the problem?
      > > --
      > > Jay Maynard, K5ZC http://www.conmicro.com
      > > http://jmaynard.livejournal.com http://www.tronguy.net
      > > http://www.hercules-390.org (Yes, that's me!)
      > > Buy Hercules stuff at http://www.cafepress.com/hercules-390
      > >
      > I have not been able to use the script other than by opening
      terminal on my mac OS X
      > Leopard ) and typing in the script statements. When I do this
      everything works. I am sure
      > it may be my lack of familiarity with the mac environment but the
      double click sure did
      > not work for me.

      The dvtool script only works on the Mac if you extract the DVTool
      folder to your desktop. The problem is with the PATH. The script
      sets it properly for DVTool on the desktop.

      If you choose not to put DVTool on the desktop, you will need to
      change the path so that the DVTool folder is there.

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