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Re: [DVDongle] Re: Dv dongle connection not stable at times

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  • David Knapp
    We are running a Verizon MIFI 2200 card 3G while we are workamping in the FL Keys this winter in our RV. We can say your latest SW version is night and day
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 6, 2013
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      We are running a Verizon MIFI 2200 card 3G while we are workamping in the FL Keys this winter in our RV. We can say your latest SW version is night and day better than the much earlier Beta version that the installation software points toward. Nonetheless, I can say in this crowded 400+ site 75-acre campground there are a lot of 3G wireless users which must be choking the nearest tower ~9 miles away on the other side of the 7-mile bridge. 

      We are getting 1 bar of signal outside our RV so I installed a Wilson 3-watt amplifier and now get 4-5 bars inside our RV with very few (if any) dropouts. Nonetheless, the previous DVDongle software I was using based on the instructions, I could not understand any of what was being sent out my laptop speakers. The version that you point to below is night and day better.

      There is no 4G here yet (my device is not 4G anyway) and there are dozens of 3G users because the campground WIFI is broken until the WIFI ISP provider fires Comcast to hire ATT (when the new fiber optic cable gets installed next week). Still our little 2.1 GHz dual processor on my HP G60 laptop with 3 GB of ram is severely challenged to keep up. I haven't direct connected to the MIFI yet, that might be even better, however my XYL KB9YYI might not like it as she has her own G60 laptop, hihi. Earlier today I FIRED my Norton 360 program because I felt it was slowing me down, StopZilla wasn't any nicer. At least I have a clean PC with no cookies left to scrub!!!

      In June we will be workamping 8 miles from the KD0QPG D-Star repeater in Salida, CO (we are registered there now), but will need the Wilson cell amp as at 9,200' cell signals are severely challenge at the USFS campground there. Even if we buy an Icom IC-31A, we want to get the DVDongle working well so that Sheila can call me via the D-Star repeater from the DVDongle while I am gold panning out on the claim. Tomorrow my USB headset arrives, been using my Ipod headphones until the better ones come. I won't attempt a QSO until the new headset comes, but glad the new software is running much better!!!


      Dave - KU9L
      Sheila - KB9YYI
      Brand new DVDongle owners this week

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      Subject: [DVDongle] Re: Dv dongle connection not stable at times

      Hi Marco. First, make sure you are running the latest beta at http://opendstar.org/tools/DVToolInstaller-2.0beta5.exe. If that does not help, try a wired connection rather than wireless. There can be a lot of packet loss on wireless networks.

      The red light shows that your PC is not keeping up with the stream to to DV Dongle (not a packet loss issue). Make sure that other programs are not taking up significant CPU load. What are the specs on your PC?


      --- In DVDongle@yahoogroups.com, "miapicca2000" wrote:
      > Hi I am using a dv dongle on a windows vista basic laptop.i am running dvtool
      > Boot version 1.04
      > Firmware version 1.11
      > I get drop outs when I connect to a ref or repeater
      > At times not all the time the dv dongle blinks red
      > Then disconnects blinks green
      > Not sure what's happening my best Guess is I am getting
      > Packet loose or my Internet is slowing down...
      > I am using wifi 802.11g
      > Any info would be great.
      > Marco KC2ZMA

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