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Re: Hardware PTT for DVTool?

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  • kj0eyt_the_ham
    I would like to respectfully request this too. I apologize for jacking an older thread but figured this d be the best place to add to the list for this
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 18, 2011
      I would like to respectfully request this too. I apologize for jacking an older thread but figured this'd be the best place to add to the list for this request.

      I'm curious if this option exists already, as I know D-Rats can work through the DVTool software (although I'm unsure about V2 beta), is this something that works via the API via a network socket connection? I only know enough to be dangerous in this arena :). Is there a way to open a simple network socket, send out some type of PTT ON command/request, then again do the same thing when issuing a PTT OFF command/request?

      I've been using a converted mobile phone headset with built-in mic and it has a button on it. I know I'd need to construct some sort of hardware circuit as I don't think the computer would do anything with that, but a circuit could intercept that button push and then feed that into the computer via serial or USB or something, then have a monitoring program of some sorts to look for that and finally communicate with the DVTool via network socket (or whatever).

      Another option would be to monitor for a file, kind of like how DPLUS (I think it's DPLUS) works on the gateway for linking/unlinking and/or voice announcements. This might work easier for programmers who may not have an experience with network sockets or APIs, but know how to create a file.

      Another afterthought here would be for DTMF support in the audio stream... i.e., to listen for, and act upon, DTMF tones. If someone were to construct DTMF capabilities (to inject true DTMF tones into the mic input audio) that could be used to control various functions of the DVTool software... things like PTT ON/OFF (including locking PTT), muting, connecting/disconnecting to a gateway, favorite gateway selection, etc... I realize this would probably involve extra work, just thought I'd through that out there. :)

      Just my additional 2 cents. Thanks for all the efforts and 73 to all.

      de KJ0EYT

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      > > Hi Tim. A remote PTT capability has been requested before and is on the todo list. I just picked up a Yaesu bluetooth headset and will be trying to interface it to DVTool. I think that would be very interesting as well.
      > Greetings Robin and the rest of the group,
      > If I can add my 2�, I would also like to respectfully request a remote PTT capability. I would like to use my dongle to monitor the local repeater, and if there were a way to rig a hardware PTT then I would rig up a handheld mic just for DVTool. That would make answering a call when I'm not sitting at the computer much more convenient.
      > 73,
      > - Rob W7GH
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