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2010 Dayton Hamvention D-STAR Forum Video

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  • kn4aq
    Almost 600 people have watched the video of the D-STAR Forum at the 2010 Dayton HamventionĀ® since I put it up on the ARVN web site
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2011
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      Almost 600 people have watched the video of the D-STAR Forum at the 2010 Dayton HamventionĀ® since I put it up on the ARVN web site  last month. That's the whole forum, not a short preview! (It's still there, if you haven't seen it. There's a link at the top-right of the home page).

      Some stats:
      • By comparison, the 2008 and 2009 D-STAR forums, available only on DVD, have each sold about 100 copies (which is adequate, but not stellar, from my perspective as producer). The DVDs are $15/ea.
      I'm surprised that more haven't watched, considering the wealth of information in the 2010 forum, and how "accessible" it is (generally easy to understand for new D-STAR operators). That probably has as much to do with how many people are aware of it as how many might be  interested in it. I made one brief announcement here on the main D-STAR Yahoo list, which was reposted to a few other lists. This announcement will likely spike viewership again. By the way, the 2008 Forum (and Friday Night Event) is a classic of history, fun and information. It's rare to have this kind of documentation of the early years of a significant niche in ham radio.
      • The viewer "attention" graph provided by to the channel owner by YouTube shows attention for the video slightly "worse than average" compared to other videos of this length (90 minutes). That measures how many viewers keep watching, replay segments, or "tune out," and the graph shows a running average throughout the video. Attention takes a big jump up in the last quarter of the video when G4ULF describes how he builds D-STAR repeaters out of non-ICOM equipment (his favorite: Tate , a name not too familiar with US hams).
      • 65% viewers are between 45 and 65 years old. 5% is female. You can watch without logging into YouTube, and I'm assuming those stats are generated by people who have logged in. Since most people are watching on my web page, not directly on YouTube, I'll assume that most viewers are not logged in. But those stats align pretty well with those for my other ham-radio-related videos that are mostly viewed on YouTube. (And come to think of it, with all the stories about how much Google tracks us and knows about us, maybe they do know our age and gender without logging in.)
      • 77% of viewers are in the US. 11% in Germany, 11% in Japan.
      I am actively editing the rest of the 2010 and 2011 video from the Hamvention, including the D-STAR Forum. There's a little slowdown while we have some renovation work done at the KN4AQth, but it'll be done this summer.

      Gary KN4AQ
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