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Fwd: D-STAR Forums at Huntsville Hamfest

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  • Mark Thompson
    ... From: WB4QDX To: ga_dstar@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wed, August 18, 2010 10:51:11 AM Subject: [ga_dstar] D-STAR Forums at Huntsville Hamfest
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      Subject: [ga_dstar] D-STAR Forums at Huntsville Hamfest

      If you are planning to got to the Huntsville Hamfest this weekend, the Hamfest organizers have dedicated three hours of forum time to D-STAR.  Beginning at 10:00am in the Madison Room in the adjacent Embassy Suites Hotel, the agenda is as follows:

      Hour 1: Part 1: "DVAP / DV Dongle / D-PLUS / software packages", Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC. This presentation will review the new DV Access Point Dongle (DVAP) and show DV Dongle improvements, capabilities and use. In addition, Robin will cover DPLUS updates, new hardware, software and advanced capabilities.
      Part 2: "D-STAR basics and DV Dongle/DVAP", John Davis WB4QDX,
      Georgia D-STAR.  John will take attendees through an introduction of D-STAR and cover practices, current happenings, nets, using the internet gateway network and more.

      Hour 2: "D-RATS, D-STAR digital data software", Scott Hartlage KF4PWI
      and John Davis WB4QDX.  This presentation will review D-RATS software for data communications usingD-STAR radios. D-RATS use within amateur radio especially in emergency communications is expanding. Scott and John will provide an explanation of use and features including file transfers, practical scenarios, messaging, mapping, e-mail
      support and show a live demo.

      Hour 3: "D-STAR Administrator and advanced topics", Ken Adkisson, WB4FAY. This presentation will enable D-STAR server system administrators to discuss features, maintenance and practices of the D-STAR system. The speaker will also answer advanced questions and moderate discussion of advanced topics concerning D-STAR systems set up, use and operation.

      Join us for all or any part of the Forums between 10:00am and 1:00pm.  The D-STAR Forum will be in the Madison Room in the Embassy Suites Hotel adjacent to the South Hall of the Von Braun Center.  Take the connecting bridge over to the Embassy Suites for the Forum.

      Don't forget that WB4HRO B will be operating from the Hamfest 0n 440.7125 +5.0 MHz and WB4HRO A on 1284.45 -12 MHz.  WB4HRO will be linked to REF030 C and A respectiviely during the Hamfest.  Huntsville is also home to two excellent D-STAR repeaters with KI4PPF and W4WBC.  Check our the repeater listings on www.dstarinfo.com to get repeater information.  See you in Huntsville.

      John WB4QDX

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