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3rd-Update-D* Traing Academy in Tallahassee, Feb 6th, 2010

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  • kj4g
    February 3rd, 2010 North Florida Digital Group Presents The D-Star Training Academy in Tallahassee Saturday February 6th, 2010 08:30 til 17:00 EDT
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      February 3rd, 2010

      North Florida Digital Group
      The D-Star Training Academy in Tallahassee
      Saturday February 6th, 2010
      08:30 til 17:00 EDT


      We thank all of you who preregistered. By doing so, adequate provisions are now made for all attendees and late walk-ins.

      General information:
      Friday Feb 5th, the informal social gathering will be held at the Staybridge Suite Hotel starting at 18:30 EST until??? Location is: 1600 Summit Lake Drive, TLH, 32317. Phone # 850-219-7000.
      GPS coordinates are: 30-28'59" north and 084-9'46" west

      Saturday Feb 6th, Starting at 08:30 EST will be the D-Star Academy. Location name is The Tallahassee Auto Museum located at: 6800 Mahan Drive, TLH, 32308. Phone # 850-942-0137.
      GPS coordinates for the museum are: 30-29'10" north and 084-9'45" west.

      A table will be provided containing menus for local eateries. Each person is responsible for cost and pickup of carry outs.

      Talk-in Frequencies;
      146.655Mc – 600Kc, PL 94.8 e/d
      443.400Mc+5Mc, PL 131.8 e/d, NFDG

      K4WAK, ports A, B, C & DD
      146.835Mc – 600 Kc DV
      443.450Mc +5Mc DV
      1293.000 -20Mc DV
      1253.000Mc Simplex DD

      There will be an event station at the academy on D-Star. Amateurs are welcome to check in and say hello. The 1293.000 station will be on reflector 030A. Ports B & C will be open. Program;

      We ask that all attendees arrive early so we can process everyone and have them seated before 08:30 EST. The presentation schedule is going to be tight, with one break midmorning, one mid afternoon, with a one hour lunch break.


      Ray Novak, N9JA, IcomAmerica
      Fred Varian, WD5ERD, IcomAmerica
      Scott Honaker, N7SS, Microsoft ARC, author
      Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC, Developer of DVDongle
      John Davis, WB4QDX, Co-founder of ga_dstar
      Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH, Co-founder of ga_dstar
      Buddy Morgan, WB4OMG, ARRL TS, WCF Section

      Basic program:

      Describing the actual mode of operation, what it is, how it works, advantages & disadvantages.
      Learn programming of any D-Star radio using a computer program
      Learn to field program while on the go
      Understanding callsign routing and its programming
      Understanding how to set up and do repeater linking
      Learning about using reflectors, and their usage protocols
      In-depth instruction on low speed data usage using the UHF & VHF radios
      In-depth instruction with the ID-1, 1296Mc high speed data and internet access
      Learning about the D-Rats data program and how to use it
      Learning to use the DVDongle on a computer to get on the D-Star gateway
      Introducing the new DVDongle with its own transceiver to provide short
      range handheld coverage around your shack, up to about 100 yards.
      Setting up and configuring a D-Star repeater system for internet operation.


      There will be ongoing demonstration stations showing
      HiSpeed Data;
      Using the ID-1, internet usage with the ID-1, using the ID-1 as a WiFi hub, LoSpeed data;
      Using UHF/VHF/ID-1 with D-RATS,
      Callsign routing
      Repeater linking


      The actual timing of the presentations is being worked out at this time. It will be printed and handed out at 08:30 AM EDT Saturday morning. You will also receive a list of all known D-Star URLs and yahoo groups.

      Icom 2820 D-Star Radio:

      At the close of the Academy, this radio will be given to the amateur holding the winning ticket. Tickets will be sold through out the day and is not part of the admission donation. Raffle tickets will be sold at the Academy only. Ticket price is $2.00, three (3) tickets for $5.00. Winner must be present to win.

      For more information;

      Please contact WQ4M@ arrl.net or W4DSW@ arrl.net

      The NFDG members are pleased to present this Academy and we look forward to seeing you there.

      Paul, KJ4G, spokesperson for NFDG.
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