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RE: [DVDongle] Re: Dongle-Beta

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  • Wayne Hatfield
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 12, 2009
      Happy Easter Robin and the group,
      I used the option 2 and it worked fine  only I had the scroll down to the ZIP file and changed it to open in the "JAVA(TM) Platform SE binary"
      Thanks for the help. Wayne, kd5jjp

      Hi Wayne. You've somehow run a program that changed the bindings for jar files in Windows. You can fix this a couple of ways.

      1) Rename DVTool.jar to DVTool.jar.last and then rename the beta to DVTool.jar. You can then run dvtool.bat to start it up.

      2) Open "My Computer" and click on "Tools->Folder options...". Then select the "File Types" tab and scroll down and click on "JAR". It should be set to "Opens with:" "Java(TM) Platform SE binary". If not, try setting it to that. This is probably the better approach so you can run JAR files in the future.


      --- In DVDongle@yahoogroup s.com, "wr hatfield" <kd5jjp@...> wrote:
      > http://www.opendsta r.org/tools/
      > On the above web site I have tried to open this file DVTool-1.10beta5. jar . Here is the problem, I was able to open and run the file just fine on my computer at my office ( XP Home ) But when I try and open it at home ( XP Pro ) all I get is a zip file and after opening it I still can not run the program.
      > Any help would be a great help,
      > Wayne, KD5JJP

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