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Re: Blackberry and Dongle Conflict

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  • ae4kj
    ... Serial ports 14 & 15. The BB is the IP connection when mobile. ... 1.04, Firmware 1.11, S#041153. ... where the conflict is if both work individually just
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 23, 2008
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      --- In DVDongle@yahoogroups.com, Nate Duehr <nate@...> wrote:
      > ae4kj wrote:
      > > Thank you, thank you.
      > > I have an BB 8330 through Alltel. Suppose to be good speed. I am
      > > using Access Quicklink Mobile Ver., on RIM Virtual
      Serial ports 14 & 15. The BB is the IP connection when mobile.
      > > The Dongle connects by USB Serial Port (Com 9). The Boot is
      1.04, Firmware 1.11, S#041153.
      > > The Laptop is an HP running XP Home Ed. SP 3. So, I do not know
      where the conflict is if both work individually just fine.
      > Is the USB hub/bus just overloaded? Is it USB 1, USB 2 in the HP?
      Both devices may be running fast enough that you've reached that
      particular USB chipset's limitations.

      I have four built-in USB ports in the Laptop. Paul and I have same
      laptops, his is fine. Only using two of them, not any hub. I have run
      APRS and other multiples so it doesn't sound right.
      > Is there another USB port that leads to a second USB hub/bridge/bus
      in the machine? On some machines, different ports are actually to
      different USB chipsets inside.

      I have run APRS and other mutiples connected in this machine. Do not
      think it has shown second Chipset.
      > (Macs are a weird example of this. Some Mac Pro's have separate
      USB hubs/chipsets for EACH USB port, since Apple knew people would be
      doing high speed things on them, where MacBooks sometimes have the
      feature, sometimes don't. I found a website that a hardware fan had
      figured this all out on once, but I'm just not that interested in
      it. I just point it out in case it relates to your HP.)
      > > I have good Internet on the road and the Dongle works fine at
      home on Wifi in house. But not together on the road when I try to
      connect Dongle when on the Internet. I switched with Paul's Aircard
      and it worked.
      > How does his Aircard attach to your machine? That sounds like
      PCMCIA or similar, not USB.

      It is also USB.
      > > The only FAQ I find is that you cannot open two ports to the
      > > soundcard simultaneously, but I don't think that fits here.
      > Doesn't sound like it, sounds more like a chipset problem with the
      > laptop not being able to run full data rate simultaneously to two
      USB 2.0 devices? Something to check with HP on... (if they care)?
      Maybe they could offer some tools to see what's going on?
      > At least there's still real hardware engineers at HP, but probably
      > in the PC department. They make the mid-range and bigger
      machines. :-)
      > Just brainstorming, all of the above may be utterly retarded upon
      > review. ;-)
      > Nate WY0X
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