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819RE: [DVDongle] Re: Using DV-Tool on a Netbook PC ?

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  • Ken Bryant
    Sep 9, 2008
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      I find that is irritating as well...
      but I am still thankful to Robin and thanks for the suggestion!
      Kenneth L. Bryant

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      Subject: [DVDongle] Re: Using DV-Tool on a Netbook PC ?


      I wonder if Java or what ever language you use for programming DV-Tool
      allows for different contents depending on the window status
      "maximized", "normal" and "minimized".
      If you start up in "maximized" instead of "normal" like at present,
      you would see the normal screen and after switching to "normal" you
      would see a reduced screen with all the necessary information needed
      once you are logged on.

      I used that method in a VB6 Software I wrote for contlolling Magnetic
      Loop Antennas, see

      http://www.qsl. net/hb9mtn/ hb9mtn_loopcontr ol.html

      In the Photos section you find two pictures to explain what I mean

      73, HB9MTN/5B4AGV, Ed

      --- In DVDongle@yahoogroup s.com, "Robin Cutshaw" <aa4rc@...> wrote:

      > Hi John. That
      enhancement is on the list. :)
      > 73,
      > Robin

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