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797Re: [DVDongle] Using DV-Tool on a Netbook PC ?

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  • Nate Duehr
    Sep 2 9:38 AM
      Tony Langdon wrote:

      > I had the same problem on an EeePC. Changing the screen resolution
      > isn't an option, because unless I connect an external monitor, I
      > can't change the settings (short of hacking xorg.conf by hand, in any case).


      As a workaround could you turn on the "virtual desktop" stuff in X,
      where you can "pan around" a larger screen?

      (Where the "desktop" is quite a bit larger than the "viewing window" of
      the main screen resolution...)

      I don't like setting up my laptops that way, but it would at least get
      it so you could see the whole thing...

      It's not as easy to do on Windows (that I know of) or on Mac, but on
      Linux, it's "do-able" if X is set up correctly.

      Nate WY0X
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