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746Re: Problems getting my DV-Dongle working with my computer

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  • michaelandreasmunz
    Aug 2 1:07 PM
      Hello Robin,

      thanks for all your support. I did what you mentioned in your mail,
      but it still says the annoying "IOException receive Socket closed" in
      the cmd-Window and "Cannot open device localhost: 20002" in the
      DVTool-Window. Do you know what this error message "IOException
      receive Socket closed" exactly means ?
      A Hardware-Info Tool shows a device FT232R USB UART connected to the
      USB Port.
      I also post the last lines in the ascp.txt file:
      ascp starting
      connect from
      facu 0/0 tacu 0/0 fncu 0/0 fcu 1000/0/0
      network timeout

      Thanks + regards,

      Michael (DG3SBD)

      --- In DVDongle@yahoogroups.com, "Robin Cutshaw" <aa4rc@...> wrote:
      > Make sure you have all of the programs from the DVTool-dist.zip
      > in one folder. If you move things around, it probably won't work.
      > Open a command window (Start->Run->Cmd) and cd to the folder where
      > DVTool.jar is located. Then run "ascpseriald COMX 20002" where "X"
      > the com port your dongle is connected as. Then run DVTool.bat and
      > click on the remote host checkbox. Try to click on Open and see
      > happens.
      > That's basically what DVTool.jar is doing. It starts the
      > program on the com port and IP port. It then connects to it and
      > communicates with the dongle, all behind the scenes.
      > That's also how you would go about putting the dongle on one
      > and run DVTool on another.
      > 73,
      > Robin
      > AA4RC
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