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745Re: Problems getting my DV-Dongle working with my computer

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  • Robin Cutshaw
    Aug 2, 2008
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      Make sure you have all of the programs from the DVTool-dist.zip file
      in one folder. If you move things around, it probably won't work.

      Open a command window (Start->Run->Cmd) and cd to the folder where
      DVTool.jar is located. Then run "ascpseriald COMX 20002" where "X" is
      the com port your dongle is connected as. Then run DVTool.bat and
      click on the remote host checkbox. Try to click on Open and see what

      That's basically what DVTool.jar is doing. It starts the ascpseriald
      program on the com port and IP port. It then connects to it and
      communicates with the dongle, all behind the scenes.

      That's also how you would go about putting the dongle on one computer
      and run DVTool on another.


      --- In DVDongle@yahoogroups.com, "michaelandreasmunz"
      <michaelandreasmunz@...> wrote:
      > I´m running Vista with a standard Intel dual-core processor on the
      > desktop computer as well as on the laptop, in both cases with 2 GB
      > ram. It works fine for me and DVDongle is running on the desktop
      > without any issues.
      > Just on the laptop it is saying "Cannot open device localhost:20002"
      > a few seconds after a click on the open button.
      > I could not find a difference in the installation on the desktop
      > the laptop computer, yet. Switching the Windows firewall off did
      > solve the problem.
      > So any ideas what the root cause can be are still welcome.
      > Many thanks in advance & best regards,
      > Michael Munz (DG3SBD)
      > --- In DVDongle@yahoogroups.com, MM <ka1rrw@> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > how many processor cores are you running.
      > > vista needs about 4 cores and 4 gig ram.
      > > plus 256+ Video graphics ram.
      > > wf1f
      > >
      > >
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