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  • nhorv75597@hargray.com
    Aug 3, 2014
      I purchased my HP in September of last year, came with Windows 8, then upgraded to 8.1.
      I have no problem with my DVDongle or with EchoLink on Windows 8.1.
      I have Intel chips, so maybe that's why it is working good. Who knows?
      My Dongle worked on Vista, Win 7 and now Win 8.1. All with Intel chips.
      73,  Nick
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      Date: 08/03/14 20:13:37
      Subject: [DVDongle] Re: DV Dongle Lights

      It is not an issue with the laptop it is an issue with Win 7, 8 & 8.1  and certain USB 3.0 chipsets.  There are several issues two being unable to keep up with data and actually disconnecting and reconnecting devices randomly.   My work just issued all employees new Dell laptops with Win 7 and I cannot make backups or use certain devices on the two 3.0 ports due to this issue.  Microsoft is aware of the issue and there are tons of messages and work arounds on their support site but they have yet to actually fix the issues.

      Neal KC4YCM

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