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4366Dongle acting funky since last Java update?

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  • brian.ehrmantraut
    Jan 31, 2014
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      My DV Dongle with DVTool has been working fine for months, on a Windows 7 PC.

      I fired it up today, and it is acting very very oddly.  The over-run LED isn't flickering or anything, but:

      - on receive, there seems to be a lot of R2D2ing, and sometimes looping of snippets of the conversation from several seconds back.   Sometimes I don't hear anything at all, even though I know there is traffic on the repeater/gateway/reflector in question

      - on transmit, sometimes nothing seems to arrive at the repeater/gateway at the other end, sometimes just a noisy non-R2-D2 signal, sometimes a chopped up, semi-looping seeming R2-D2 thing.

      Nothing I can tell has changed on this computer over the past few days, *except* that the most recent Java update was pushed.

      When I put the Dongle on my Mac, it works fine.

      All advice appreciated

      Brian AF7ES

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