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4362DVAPTool seems to freeze

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  • n1iec
    Jan 18, 2014
      Running DVAPTool 1.04 on a Mac. It's been working fine for over a week, but today suddenly started failing.

      If I start it and connect to a repeater or reflector it works fine. If I then hide DVAPTool (not minimize, hide) it's fine, but only for about 45-55 seconds. After that the green light starts to blink slowly and it's unresponsive. It won't be usable again unless I completely exit then restart DVAPTool. This also happens if the system goes to sleep.

      All worked up until earlier today.

      UPDATE: As I was typing up the above I think I figured it out. Late last night I moved the DVAPTool app to the Applications folder. When I thought about this change I reversed it, but still had the issue. I checked the Appnap box and it was still disabled. I deleted the app and downloaded a fresh version of 1.04. Still had the issue, but then remembered Appnap. Checked the box and now everything is working again. Not sure if the deletion is important, perhaps simply unchecking and rechecking Appnap might have fixed it. It appears, however, that while the appnap box is checked, the setting might not be honored if the application is moved.