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1593RE: [DVDongle] I am confused

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  • Woodrick, Ed
    May 2, 2009

      There is a lot of activity worldwide. But that activity happens on individual repeaters on individual systems. D-STAR isn’t one big channel. It’s like FM repeaters, bunch of individual systems across the world.


      BUT, linking with D-STAR is significantly with D-STAR is significantly easier and of much higher quality than FM. And the way that we link is analogous to IRLP or Echolink. Links can be repeater to repeater, or repeater to reflector. A reflector is a place where a lot of repeaters can link to.


      At this time, REF001C is usually the busiest reflector. If you connect, you might not hear anything for an hour or so, but if you throw out a general call, you should get an answer.


      Ed WA4YIH


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      Hear no activity. However, D-Star site shows a lot of activity. How is
      it I do not hear any. Based on what I read in QST I would get a fair
      amount of activity with the DV Dongle. Bob

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