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1232How To Choose Your Library School

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  • Deb Hunt
    Jun 24 9:24 AM
      For those of you considering getting and MLIS:
      “With 63 accredited programs to choose from, assessing which is best is
      far from clear cut. To would-be librarians, the field offers a challenge
      in information gathering, assessment, and data-driven decision-making
      right off the bat: finding the facts about the different master’s degrees
      in library and information science and choosing the one that best fits
      their needs. For employers of prospective graduates, the perspective is
      different, but the dilemma is the same. Below, LJ offers an actionable
      checklist for today’s applicants. For an ambitious proposal for tomorrow’s
      accreditors, read the related LIS Education article: “Rethinking How We
      Rate and Rank MLIS Programs.”

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