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1187Fwd: DVC LT program going on HIATUS

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  • Vaile Fujikawa
    Dec 20, 2013
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      As per Tracy's request. The DVC LT program hiatus letter.

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: Daniel Kiely <dkiely@...>
      Date: Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 1:58 PM
      Subject: DVC LT program going on HIATUS
      Cc: "Kiely, Daniel" <dkiely@...>

      Good afternoon,

      You are receiving this email because you have either taken a Library
      Technology class or have expressed interest in a degree or certificate in
      the LT program.

      I have the unfortunate duty to tell you that the DVC LT program is going on
      hiatus due to significant declines in enrollment. As some of you know, we
      had to cancel two required courses this semester´┐Ż courses that are only
      offered once a year.

      *So what does going on hiatus mean?*
      Essentially, the LT program is taking a break of 1-3 years to review LT
      curriculum, research new positions in the field of library technology, and
      potentially develop new classes and programs. *During these years, there
      will not be any LT courses offered. *

      *How can I finish my certificate/degree? *
      From spring 2014 through fall 2014, a complete cycle of required LT courses
      will be offered, and these courses will run without enrollment
      restrictions. Basically, this means that anyone who wants to finish within
      the next three semesters (spring 14, summer 14, and fall 14) will have the
      opportunity to take required classes and electives. And just to be clear,
      classes *will not* be cancelled due to low enrollment during this time.

      *What should I do now?*
      Check out the course offerings for spring semester:
      If you have any questions about completing the program, substituting
      courses from other colleges, library internships, etc., please contact me.
      I am happy to set up appointments in the library or on the phone.

      Hope you are having a good end to your semester and a happy holiday.

      Daniel Kiely
      Dept. Chair, Library

      321 Golf Club Rd.
      Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
      Direct: 925.969.2583 (note new number)
      Campus extension: 22583
      Fax: 925.798.3588

      Vaile Fujikawa
      MLIS Candidate, San Jose State University
      Library Media Technician, Berkeley High School
      President-Elect, SLISConnect, 2013-2014

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