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Re: [DESG] Lived in Maastricht (1966-1969)

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  • Larry McElhiney
    Hi Jim, Sorry for the delay! I actually lived in an apartment in Maastricht, since as an E-4 in the USAF, I was not required to lived at the Tapijn Kaserne.
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2007
      Hi Jim,

      Sorry for the delay!

      I actually lived in an apartment in Maastricht, since as an E-4 in the
      USAF, I was not required to lived at the Tapijn Kaserne. My first
      work assignment was the PTT Tower on the West side of town. After a
      few months, I was transferred to the C-Sector Mobile Maintenance Team,
      which was located in Roclenge sur Geer, in Belgium, though I continued
      to live in Maastricht.

      I visited Maastricht for a week in 1994 and spent time with old
      friends there.

      My Dutch continues to improve, but I will never be fluent with the
      language, I believe. I probably spend more time with Afrikaans at
      this time, because it seems more of a challenge for me.

      Thanks for the response!

      Tot ziens,


      --- In DUTCH-ENGLISH-STUDY-GROUP@yahoogroups.com, Jim <jlawton@...> wrote:
      > Larry,
      > Where were you stationed in Maastricht? On my second tour in Europe,
      my last two years (1982-84) I worked at the small U.S. Army AFCENT
      Reserve Corps hq on Tapijn Kaserne in Maastricht. My family lived in
      Geleen, about 15 mins away.
      > Welcome to the group. There is a wealth of helpful and friendly
      Dutch people in our group. Why are you learning Dutch again? Have you
      been back to NL since the 60s?
      > Jim
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      > From: Larry McElhiney <larry@...>
      > Sent: Jun 16, 2005 10:43 AM
      > To: DUTCH-ENGLISH-STUDY-GROUP@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [DESG] Lived in Maastricht (1966-1969)
      > Hello All,
      > I was stationed in Maastricht with NATO while in the US Air Force in
      > 1966-1969. I roomed with different families there for 36 months and
      > learned a lot about the culture and "languages".
      > That, now, is my problem. I was exposed to Nederlandse as a
      > language on television and sometimes on the radio. I heard
      > Limburg's Dialect on a daily basis on the local radio stations and
      > with the local people for the most part. I worked in Belgium a lot
      > and heard a lot of Vlaams and other local dialects. To make matters
      > worse, I have spent time in South Africa and have learned some
      > Afrikaans. My language is confused!
      > I read much better than anything else and that has been enhanced by
      > getting the news from Radio Nederland online every day. I
      > understand a lot when I listen, but not as much. My writing and
      > speaking abilities are very limited.
      > I would like to learn to write in Dutch and in return I will be
      > happy to help anyone with their English understanding.
      > I send a big thank you to you all!
      > Stay well,
      > Larry
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