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Guest Access to DUStory Files Section (List as of 4 Jun 08)

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  • Roger Helbig
    In message 57, I provided a temporary username duseeker and password lurnnow so that people could read the Files and use the Links without having to join
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2008
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      In message 57,  I provided a temporary username "duseeker" and password "lurnnow" so that people could read the Files and use the Links without having to join Yahoo or the Group.  I have, however, gotten a couple of messages from "duseeker" telling me that the links to the files do not work.  That's because a temporary user must use the username and password to Sign In to the group and then go to the Files section on the left hand side of the page.  If you click on Files, the links within Files do work.  Also, unfortunately, I can not send a reply to these well meaning folks who want to learn more about some of the charlatans like Doug Rokke because "duseeker" is not their e-mail address and they have not given me theirs. 

      The following is a list, not links to, the Files section of DUStory as of this evening, June 4, 2008  -- if any of you have any suggested files, please, do send them to me or tell me about them and I will give you posting access to the site


      Name Size Created
      Daniel Fahey's Report on Testing for DU
         72 KB 
      Mar 9, 2007
      application/pdf20060320 - Chap 11 pg 639.pdf
      Depleted Uranium Report, Royal Society
         209 KB  
      Mar 9, 2007
      Doug Rokke Paper "A Matter of Integrity" - for your critique
         138 KB  Jul 12, 2007
      application/ms-wordAFGHAN DU & Recovery Fund Dissolved.doc
      Mohammed Daud Miraki - State of Illinois dissolved non-profit corporation in 2005
         82 KB Jun 20, 2007
      application/pdfAM78_853 - Cites Carmichael & Moret.pdf
      Moret - One-time Geology Grad Student at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
         451 KB  
      Apr 12, 2007
      application/pdfArmy 2003 Briefing Slides 030314-D-9085M-022.pdf
      2003 Army Briefing Slides on DU
         321 KB  
      Dec 11, 2007
      BBC News UK Times reporter leaves hospital.mht
      1999 BBC Report on Eve-Ann Prentice After Friendly Fire Attack in Kosovo
         75 KB 
      Sep 29, 2007
      application/pdfClaims Filed All Veterans GWVIS_May2007-2.pdf
      VA Report Citing 1.6 million "claims" by all veterans, not just Gulf War
         117 KB  
      Dec 13, 2007
      application/pdfCol Day Ltr of 12 Dec 90.pdf
      Real Army DU Expert Col CE Day's Letter about preparing for use of DU in Desert Shield/Storm - Note that Lieutenant Rokke is mentioned on page 2
         80 KB  
      Aug 28, 2007
      application/pdfDurakovic - Assignments.pdf
      Asaf Durakovic -- Never Left Washington DC Area - Does not appear to have been in Southwest Asia in Gulf War
         198 KB  
      Oct 20, 2007
      application/pdfDurakovic - Svc History.pdf
      Asaf Durakovic -- No Southwest Asia Medal
         64 KB  Oct 20, 2007
      application/pdfGamma Scout Meter and DU.pdf
      Why the Gamma Scout Meter used by Leuren Moret in Hawaii can not detect DU in the air
         67 KB Jul 6, 2007
      application/pdfGulf War Mortality Data May 2007.pdf
      Gulf War Mortality Data - May 2007
         117 KB  
      Sep 25, 2007
      VA Report falsely cited by numerous posters and OpEdNews article -
         383 KB  
      Dec 13, 2007
      application/pdfMatthew v US complaint.pdf
      Matthew v United States - Complaint - Note the symptoms, and also the claim of exposure (Pg3, 5, etc)
         1199 KB  
      Jun 18, 2007
      application/pdfMatthew v US docket.pdf
      Matthew V United States - Docket - Names Rokke,etc.
         37 KB  
      Jun 17, 2007
      application/pdfMoret and Fulk Livermore Employment.pdf
      Leuren K Moret, Marion Fulk - Employment at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
         28 KB  
      Apr 12, 2007
      application/pdfNRC - Environmental Survey Vieques Isl PR 6-6 thru 6-15-00.pdf
      NRC Inspection Report of Environmental Survey of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
         2684 KB  
      Apr 25, 2008
      application/pdfNRC - Ltr from Puerto Rico Secretary of Health Jan 2000.pdf
      Letter from Secretary of Health cites earlier June 1999 letter so Doug Rokke was no "Paul Revere" on the Vieques Island DU issue
         51 KB  
      Apr 25, 2008
      application/pdfNRC - Reply to James Salsman from Kennecott Energy.pdf
      NRC Aug 2005 reply from Kennecott Energy regarding James Salsman, genotoxicity and heavy metal toxicity being allegedly 6 times worse than radiological hazard - 50 pages with articles and supporting letters
         3923 KB  
      Apr 25, 2008
      application/pdfNRC - Rokke Follow-Up E-Mail on Vieques.pdf
      Doug Rokke e-mail while at Jacksonville State University concerning Vieques
         146 KB  
      Apr 25, 2008
      application/pdfNRC Ltr to Sen Donastorg Chm USVI Committee on Vieques DU.pdf
      NRC Oct 2000 ltr to Chairman of US Virgin Islands Committee regarding extensive inspection of Vieques and proposed removal of the DU
         11 KB  
      Apr 25, 2008
      application/pdfNRC Memo Re Rokke Allegations about Vieques and DU.pdf
      NRC Memo to Exec Director for Operations William Travers from publicly accessible ADAMS search in NRC Reading Room about Rokke Vieques Allegation indicates high level of concern and attention paid to allegations that were found to be unproven
         379 KB  
      Apr 25, 2008
      application/pdfNRC Navy Admonishes CO of USS Kearsarge about DU.pdf
      Navy Admiral Chairman of Radiation Safety Committee wants answers from Commanding Officer of USS KEARSARGE (LHD-3) for issuing DU munitions in violation of regulations
         93 KB  
      Apr 25, 2008
      application/pdfNRC Sep 8 2000 ltr to Rokke about Vieques petition.pdf
      NRC Sep 8 2000 ltr to Rokke telling Rokke that his Vieques complaint will be public and treated as a petition
         20 KB  
      Apr 25, 2008
      application/pdfRokke - Dissertation - Front - TOC.pdf
      Douglas Lind Rokke, Doctoral Thesis "Perceived Physics Concepts Needed to Teach Secondary Technology Education as General Education" Cover-Table of Contents
         541 KB 
      Dec 29, 2006
      application/pdfRokke - Thesis 1992 Vita.pdf
      Doug Rokke in his own words - career through 1992
         146 KB  
      Jan 2, 2007
      application/pdfRokke Assigments thru 1998.pdf
      Douglas L Rokke, Major USAR (ret) - His career from 1967 thru 1998 - not exactly what he tells reporters and adoring audiences
         171 KB 
      Dec 30, 2006
      application/pdfRokke DD-214 After Desert Storm.pdf
      Lt Rokke, Post-Desert Storm DD-214 - note no combat service
         1003 KB  
      Mar 9, 2007
      application/pdfRokke declaration.pdf
      Matthew v US - Declaration of Douglas L Rokke
         635 KB  
      Jun 18, 2007
      application/pdfSummary - Veteran Deaths GWVIS_May2007.pdf
      VA Report - Veteran Deaths since 1991 - All veterans and service members, not just Gulf War
         117 KB 
      Dec 13, 2007
      text/htmlURANIUM and CERAMICS by Edouard Bastarache.htm
      Uranium & Ceramics by Edouard Bastarche - Good description of DU at end


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