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    Good Morning, Everyone:   The story on Detroit s last PCC car sent south to Mexico City came from ERA Headlights, November, 1956, page 2.   And here s a DSR
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      Good Morning, Everyone:
      The story on Detroit's last PCC car sent south to Mexico City came from ERA Headlights,
      November, 1956, page 2.
      And here's a DSR post mortem story taken from ERA Headlights, July, 1956, page 5:
      Greater losses than anticipated have resulted from the DSR's giveaway sale of 183 PCCs to Mexico City.  DSR revealed a $35,000 loss in repairing the cars for Mexico because the amount of rehabilitation needed was underestimated.  They have requested city
      council permission to pay a Mexican legal firm $2500 for preparing legal documents in Spanish.
      Curtailment of electric service has spread to the two trolleybus lines which now operated
      electrically weekdays daytime only.
      The two ex-Pittsburgh cars, Nos. 101 and 141
      (ex-100), have been scrapped behind Woodward carhouse.
      PCC 140 was finally on wheels after resting on horses in Woodward CH for over two years.  A set of trucks from previously scrapped #150 were rolled from the shop to the barn and placed under #140 which was towed to the shop for repairs.
      Work cars were still used at three bus terminals to shunt freight cars, but remnants
      of the trolley era in Motown were fast disappearing.  All wire is down; rail on Woodward and Gratiot prw's have been removed.  Contracts to repave Michigan Avenue have been awarded and they were being drawn up for Woodward and Gratiot Avenues.  When these projects are completed, only some track downtown and scattered short sections in other areas will remain uncovered.
      Very Sincerely,
      Dennis M. Linsky


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      Hello Mr. Dennis Linsky, I hope all is going well with you. I'm writing you at this time to ask your assistance, if possible, in the following matter.
      Some years ago you sent the following information to my Yahoo! Group....
             Good Afternoon, Everyone:

             It was 47 years ago July 19 when railfans and DSR officials gathered at the
             Highland Park shops to witness the parting of Detroit's last PCC car which was
             bound for Mexico City.  Loaded on a Pennsylvania Railroad flatcar was STE
             2185 (ex-DSR 185).  While newspaper and railfan pictures were taken, at
             11:00 A.M., Detroit Terminal Railroad diesel locomotive 115 made the final
             pickup of a streetcar from the shops.  The same day, all remaining trolley wire
             in the abandoned Woodward Car House was removed.  All car house trackage
             has been sold for scrap at $17,000.  It was also disclosed that the DSR hoped
             to realize about $100,000 from the sale of spare PCC parts to Mexico City's
             STE which included 4 spare Clark B-2 trucks for the 1949-model PCC's.

      Currently I'm working on the last article (part 5) of my PCC series featured on my Detroit Transit History website. I would like to use part of that quote in my article and would like to know from where the quote or information was taken. Any assistance you can offer in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
      Thanking you in advance, 
      -H.B.Craig,II (site-owner)
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