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D.S.R. WOODWARD BUSES---#2 (The 1960's)

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  • H.B.Craig-II
    DSR WOODWARD COACHES--#2 In January 1960, the DSR began receiving a new style type GM transit bus know as the GM new-look coach. Evidently, DSR management at
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      In January 1960, the DSR began receiving a new style type GM transit bus know as the GM "new-look" coach. Evidently, DSR management at the time fell in love with these buses as three-hundred (300) of these model TDH-5301's were purchased by the DSR during that first year alone.  By September 1965, 655 of these GM "new-looks" had been purchased by the DSR.....and more were on the way!
      By the mid-1960's, the GM "new-look" buses had replaced the GM "old-looks" on major lines like Woodward Avenue. As seen in the above Detroit Free Press photo from around the late 1960's, the new look buses (rear coach in photo) had taken-over Woodward, while the old-looks (front coach) saw more service on secondary and light service lines.
      The three photo attachments below show an older and later version of the new-look style GM Coach.
      PHOTO #1: This photo is of an earlier model GM TDH-5301 (coach #1699), purchased by the DSR in 1960. Coach #1699 was part of the second shipment of Detroit 1960 model new-looks, which were delivered beginning in late June 1960. The new-look coaches also ushered in the new slanted shaded green "DSR" logo, used on Detroit buses until 1974. 
      [Photo courtesy of member "dsrsemtafan"]
      PHOTO #2: This photo shows one of the later model T6H-5305 GM "new-looks" (coach #2621) which were delivered to the DSR in early June 1968. All Detroit GM new-look coaches under the DSR sported the same identical color scheme as seen in this photo, of silver below the belt line with green around the windows and lower front end, and a cream color across the roof and around the front windshield.
      [Photo courtesy of Schramm Collection]  
      PHOTO #3: This photo, unfortunately, shows a more recent view of coach #2621, which is currently being stored and, for the most part, neglected behind the DDOT central repair shops.
      [Photo courtesy of MetroBus @ msnGroups]

      In August 1965, a small fleet of 20 coaches (#3501-3520) model F2D6V-401, built by the Flxible Company of Loudonville, Ohio, were put into service by the DSR on the Woodward line for a short time. But the Flxible's experienced numerous brake and transmission problems and were returned to the manufacturer. They were replaced by a fleet of 20 GMC "new-looks" (#2501-2520) in November 1966.
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