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Euralex Free Pre-congress International Symposium and Workshop on Terminology

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  • annedykstra
    Terminology for Europeans (and beyond) Pre-congress International Symposium and Workshop on Terminology (Leeuwarden, July 5-6, 2010) On July, 5, i.e. the day
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      Terminology for Europeans (and beyond)

      Pre-congress International Symposium and Workshop on Terminology
      (Leeuwarden, July 5-6, 2010)

      On July, 5, i.e. the day before the 14th Euralex International Congress in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands, July 6-10, 2010), an international symposium on terminology will take place at the same location, followed by a workshop on July, 6 till noon. The theme of this symposium is the role terminology service centres (can) play in a multilingual and multicultural environment. More in particular, the following aspects will be focused on:

      -the different situations of both national and regional languages from a terminological point of view;
      -the kind of problems this does entail;
      -the kind of needs potential users have;
      -the kind of actors that (can) play a role;
      -the kind of problems that are hard to solve;
      -the kind of methods that can be used;
      -the kind of future developments that one can expect (for users, service centres, terminology in general).

      A number of invited speakers, all experts in the field, will present their points of view on these issues basing themselves on their own experience, and covering the following dimensions:

      -the global context (e.g. terminology services in South-Africa and in Africa in general)
      -the European context (e.g. the EU as "big provider" and "guardian" of "European" terminology)
      -the national context (e.g. "large" versus `small' languages; "new" versus "old" (European) languages)
      -the regional context (e.g. regional or non-state languages such as Frisian, Basque etc.).

      On the first day there will be ten presentations of 30 minutes each (25 minutes for the presentations and 5 minutes for discussion), followed by a plenary discussion at the end of the day. On the next day, Dr. Hennie van der Vliet and his colleagues of the Dutch Terminology Service Centre (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) will give a half-day workshop on how the Dutch Terminology Centre copes with the above issues, making use of the outcome of the day before.

      The organisation of both the pre-congress Symposium and the Workshop goes under the auspices of NL-TERM (the Dutch-Flemish Association for Dutch Terminology; pres.: Prof. Willy Martin) in close collaboration with the Euralex Organising Committee.

      This one and a half day event is meant for all those interested in terminology both from a practical and a theoretical as well as an administrative point of view. Registration via: http://www.euralex.nl/registration.asp (admission free for NL-Term members and Euralex-participants, others 50,- euro). Those who want to take part in the Pre-Congress event only have to register via www.nedterm.org or send an e-mail to steunpunt@....

      Best wishes,
      Anne Dykstra

      Fryske Akademy
      P.O. Box 54
      8900AB Ljouwert/Leeuwarden
      +31 (0)582343056 (work
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