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RE: [Evolver] Re: Polyevolver Keyboard + Evolver Desktop?

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  • Iain Bryden
    Hi, I have an MEK, PER, and an EVO. When I chained the MEK and the PER I didn t notice a volume difference. Maybe there are some hardware manufacture
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 2, 2008
      I have an MEK, PER, and an EVO. When I chained the MEK and the PER I didn't notice a volume difference. Maybe there are some hardware manufacture variations, or maybe I just wasn't hearing it? Do you have the latest updates?
      Speaking of the Poly Rack, I bought one figuring I'd get 4 additional Evolvers and have the benefit of portability and lower cost but still be able to to edits using the MEK. But I find the Rack to be pretty awkward to use, especially with combo mode. Since combo mode doesn't exist in the MEK, you can't use the keyboard to program combo patches in the Rack. A patch change from a computer sequencer changes the combo instead of the program within the combo, which is unlike any other multitimbral hardware I've ever used. I also find the SoundTower editing software very clumsy with combos. I've accidently overwritten programs because SoundTower occasionally forgets which part I'm editing. Editing software is an essential component in the Rack, and SoundTower falls short. As a result, I'm not really using the Rack. Even though it's hooked up to my system, I tend to use the MEK and EVO and just overdub tracks.
      I'm probably going to sell the Rack and Desktop and buy a PEK.
      -- Iain

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      Subject: [Evolver] Re: Polyevolver Keyboard + Evolver Desktop?

      Thanks for the info in this thread...

      I have a similar problem.

      My MEK outs are routed into my PER mix input, and like everyone has
      said in here... Ever 5 note I play is louder since the MEK seems to
      have a louder output.

      This is not good for poly playing... Its really annoying..

      now I thought I could just tune down the master volume on the MEK to
      compensate.. . But no, the master volume is also linked as part of
      the polychain... WHY!!!

      Since both the MEK and PER have a master volume knob, having these
      unlinked would solve the volume differences. ...

      Dave Smith please help!!

      OK so I'm not too upset and I haven't told DSI about my findings,
      but I thought you peeps here should all know this polychain volume
      issue is real.



      --- In DSI_Evolver@ yahoogroups. com, "andyklug" <andyklug@.. .> wrote:

      > I know that you can
      add an Evolver desktop unit to a PEK to
      > achieve 5 voices of polyphony.
      > In this sort of setup, do the controls on the Evolver desktop
      > still work? I mean, do they serve as additional controls for the
      > (unified) 5-voice Polyevolver Keyboard. For example, could you
      set the desktop unit to control the tuning and waveshape of
      > oscillator
      1, while the keyboard controlled the same for
      > 2, and
      adjust both simultaneously? If so, what happens if you
      > set the desktop
      to control oscillator 2, the keyboard to the same,
      > and move both fine
      tuning knobs simultaneously in opposite
      > directions?
      Also, the desktop unit has indented knobs, is that right? (All of
      > them
      or just some?)

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