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"DSI Evolver" Forum at EX5Tech

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  • Ski <ex5tech@excite.com>
    DSI Evolver Forum at EX5Tech For anyone here that would like to use an online forum in addition to this Yahoo group/mailing list, we ve set up an Evolver
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003
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      "DSI Evolver" Forum at EX5Tech

      For anyone here that would like to use an online forum in addition to
      this Yahoo group/mailing list, we've set up an Evolver forum at

      To be clear, the Evolver forum at EX5Tech is NOT intended to compete
      with (or replace) this Yahoo group. Matter of fact, Ravi and I have
      had some discussions regarding this possibility, and he actually
      encouraged it. Dave is OK with it, too. I think that there are
      needs for both a mailing list type group *and* an online forum.
      There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Many people really
      prefer one over the other, as well.

      I have to brag a bit about our community at EX5Tech. They're a
      simply great group of people, very knowledgeable, and very helpful.
      Quite a mature crowd, too - a lot of good discussion and fun, sharing
      of songs, patches, samples, etc., but without any juvenile behavior.
      While not as large a group as at EX5Tech, I think that this group of
      Evolver owners is very much the same, which gave us further
      encouragement to create an Evolver forum. Another thing in common is
      that both the Evolver and the EX5 are what I'd call a "synthesist's
      synthesizer". They're both the right color, too! ;) Anyway, I
      guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're interested, I think
      you'll like the crowd at EX5Tech.

      Following are some links to the Evolver forum, and to other key
      pages/forums at EX5Tech:

      "DSI Evolver" Forum at EX5Tech:

      "Other Synths, Equipment, & Software" Forums at EX5Tech:

      EX5Tech Forum Home:

      EX5Tech Home:

      Register to use the EX5Tech forums:
      (be careful to type your email address correctly in order to receive
      your password)

      - - - - -

      I hope that some of you find this useful. Happy New Year!

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