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Doubt about Mono evolver new knobs kit

Hello friend how are you ?? please I would like to know what's difference between mono evolver keyboard than PE because I have a Mono evolver Keyboard and I
Adriano Haveck
Nov 11, 2014

Re: SoundTower Evo editor for iPad

I have yet to try it. I have used SoundTower PC/Mac for my Desktop for many years. It's never been buggy. I pretty much use it only to store and arrange
Sep 7, 2014

SoundTower Evo editor for iPad

Anyone try this yet? Or how reliable are their other apps? $24 for an app, it better be rock solid.
Aug 30, 2014

Odd desktop behaviour...power maybe

Hi all.I've twice had a fault with my old desktop evolver recently. It seemed to all purposes totally dead, with only one light - the 5th one along
Aug 15, 2014

Re: About Poly Chain

Not possible, both habe a different architecture. evolver + evolver only. Mopho tetra and Prophet can go together. Am 05.06.2014 18:17 schrieb "Adriano Haveck
Jul 3, 2014

About Poly Chain

Hello folks how are you ? please I would like to know if possible to use Poly Chain between Mono Evolver keyboard and mopho desktop ? Thanks all Adriano
Adriano Haveck
Jun 5, 2014

WTB/WTT: Anatek Pocket Filter / Midi Solutions Event Processor

Hi, I'm looking for one of these... if you have one which you'd like to sell or trade please email me: gil_we(at)yahoo.com Thanks !
Apr 24, 2014

iPad and TB MIdi Stuff app: The DSI Evolver editor

Hi all :) We are really glad and proud to introduce a new template for TB MIdi Stuff app: The DSI Evolver editor. This template will let you edit your DSI
Klaudio Analog
Feb 24, 2014

Re: Fwd:

Hello. I'm from Russia. Recently became the proud owner of DSI Mopho. Very pleased with this tool.
Jan 3, 2014

Re: Logic 8

What midi interface do you have and how is it connected to the Evolver?
Jan 3, 2014

Re: [Evolver] Logic 8

Turn it around and use the evolver midi clock to be the timer for logic.  If you set it up as a template, then you can use it only when you want to.
bert jaensch
Dec 22, 2013

Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding

Check the MIDI Rec on the top row? If it's off it's off...
Dec 20, 2013

Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding

I just looked, I see no want to turn the sequencer off as you stated. I can stop it of course, but off? None of my sequencers have a destination, maybe that is
Dustin Sedlacek
Dec 19, 2013

Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding

read the manual a few times, back in the day, just havent touched one in a year or two. thanks for the tip, im going to give that a try now. ... -- Dustin
Dustin Sedlacek
Dec 19, 2013

Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding

The osc pitch will only respond to incoming midi notes if the evolvers internal sequencer is turned to off, and Key Off/Xpose is set to to a value (-36), not
Matt Kelly
Dec 19, 2013
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