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iPad and TB MIdi Stuff app: The DSI Evolver editor Hi all :) We are really glad and proud to introduce a new template for TB MIdi Stuff app: The DSI Evolver editor. This template will let you edit your DSI
Klaudio Analog
Feb 24
Re: Fwd: Hello. I'm from Russia. Recently became the proud owner of DSI Mopho. Very pleased with this tool.
Jan 3
Re: Logic 8 What midi interface do you have and how is it connected to the Evolver?
Jan 3
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Re: [Evolver] Logic 8 Turn it around and use the evolver midi clock to be the timer for logic.  If you set it up as a template, then you can use it only when you want to.
bert jaensch
Dec 22, 2013
Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding Check the MIDI Rec on the top row? If it's off it's off...
Dec 20, 2013
Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding I just looked, I see no want to turn the sequencer off as you stated. I can stop it of course, but off? None of my sequencers have a destination, maybe that is
Dustin Sedlacek
Dec 19, 2013
Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding read the manual a few times, back in the day, just havent touched one in a year or two. thanks for the tip, im going to give that a try now. ... -- Dustin
Dustin Sedlacek
Dec 19, 2013
Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding The osc pitch will only respond to incoming midi notes if the evolvers internal sequencer is turned to off, and Key Off/Xpose is set to to a value (-36), not
Matt Kelly
Dec 19, 2013
Desktop Evolver Not Responding I have my pals Evolver on loan, I know the unit well as it is my old unit. I rarely used it with external midi gear in the past so I decided to hook it up to
Dustin .
Dec 19, 2013
Re: [Evolver] Logic 8 My mistake...
Dustin .
Dec 19, 2013
Re: [Evolver] Logic 8 Dustin Sedlacek 901-828-6801
dustin Sedlacek
Dec 19, 2013
Fwd: Hi! How are you? http://www.werktuigkunde.nl/_94.hit.of.sales.html?jxono151804
Dec 9, 2013
Re: Custom Dust Covers for Dave Smith Instruments equipment Nice!!!! 2013/7/18 digitaldeckcovers ... -- www.myspace.com/haveck
Adriano Haveck
Nov 19, 2013
Mono Evolver Sequencer Hello folks anybody knows a great tutorial step to step how to use mono evolver sequencer keyboard ?? cheers Haveck -- www.myspace.com/haveck
Adriano Haveck
Nov 19, 2013
PEK + AKAI MPC 1000 Midi Feedback Loop Hi everyone, First timer here... greetings to everyone :) Does some of you have experience sequencing a PEK from an MPC? I have this problem: Some voices on
Nov 19, 2013
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Custom Dust Covers for Dave Smith Instruments equipment Hi! I'm sure all of you want to keep your Dave Smith Instruments in pristine working order. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a dust cover.
Nov 19, 2013
Re: Mopho owners in Australia and BCR2000 hmm they allready work great together (for me at least ;) ... Hi any Mopho owners in Australia using their Mopho with a Bcr2000?. Would you like a better
Nov 19, 2013
Re: Midnoise I've never noticed this myself. I wonder if it might just be your unit. If so, it might be a simple ground loop on the MIDI jacks. Not sure how to test this
Scott Lepore
Nov 19, 2013
Re: Patch Banks for the PEK There is no indication in the PEK manual how to USE the patches you download. I use Sysex Librarian to send the .syx files to my PEK, but there is no
Brent Hetherwick
Nov 19, 2013
Midnoise Dear Evolver, I have loved you with all my heart from the day I first heard you. I can't live without you ... but there are 1 or 2 things I would like to
Sep 12, 2013
Sequencing a Moog Voyager with a DSI POlyevolver Hello to everyone! I try to sequence my MOog Voyager with the DSI polyevolver through midi BUT although there is midi activity in the moog, the Voyager just
Sep 3, 2013
Re: New sound bank for Evolver - TQS: Magnetic Fields Niceeeee !! 2013/8/22 rory_dow ... -- www.myspace.com/haveck
Adriano Haveck
Aug 22, 2013
New sound bank for Evolver - TQS: Magnetic Fields Hi all, Just to let you know about a new sound bank for the Evolver. 128 brand new sounds including organic leads, vintage basses, luscious evolving pads and
Aug 22, 2013
About Patch Mono Evolver Hello folks anybody knows when I find different patch for download ? cheers -- www.myspace.com/haveck
Adriano Haveck
Jul 11, 2013
Re: evolver editor I believe the developer of this editor is independent. I can say by just looking at the screenshots it likely share a lot of features. Looks nice but it's OSX
Jul 11, 2013
Patch Banks for the PEK How many patch bank were ever released by Dave Smith fro the PEK and where they can be found? Except for the file section in the YAhoo group, are there any
Jul 11, 2013
Re: Acid on Mono Evolver keyboard I would try cranking up the distortion a bit (turn DOWN the volume). The classic acid bassline is often distorted. You'll have to play with the cutoff, and
Jul 11, 2013
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Re: evolver editor This is definitely a different company. The feature set seems similar, I would say, based on the screenshots. Mac OSX only :/
Jul 11, 2013
Evolver for sale - Signed by Dave Smith Here we have an Evolver desktop synth that Dave kindly agreed to sign when I acquired it at the 2005 NAMM convention. Needless to say, this is a unique
Jun 24, 2013
Re: Sysex! Feeling a bit silly for not checking the manual - I haven’t cracked it for a while and assumed that keiowas75 was looking for something that wasn’t there.
Michael Brien Lane
Jun 4, 2013
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