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Re: weird Mod wheel bleed

It seems odd like it’s not merely a calibration issue but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try it to be sure. From the instructions for the PE conversion it
Mark Lewis
Sep 8, 2017

weird Mod wheel bleed

Problem with my PEK: any ideas of why a program that ive used for years now plays often out of tune because the mod wheel is set to affect OSC 3 freq
Sep 7, 2017

New file uploaded to DSI_Evolver

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the DSI_Evolver group. File : /MoPho
Jun 28, 2017

Doubt about Mono evolver new knobs kit

Hello friend how are you ?? please I would like to know what's difference between mono evolver keyboard than PE because I have a Mono evolver Keyboard and I
Adriano Haveck
Nov 11, 2014

Re: SoundTower Evo editor for iPad

I have yet to try it. I have used SoundTower PC/Mac for my Desktop for many years. It's never been buggy. I pretty much use it only to store and arrange
Sep 7, 2014

SoundTower Evo editor for iPad

Anyone try this yet? Or how reliable are their other apps? $24 for an app, it better be rock solid.
Aug 30, 2014

Odd desktop behaviour...power maybe

Hi all.I've twice had a fault with my old desktop evolver recently. It seemed to all purposes totally dead, with only one light - the 5th one along
Aug 15, 2014

Re: About Poly Chain

Not possible, both habe a different architecture. evolver + evolver only. Mopho tetra and Prophet can go together. Am 05.06.2014 18:17 schrieb "Adriano Haveck
Jul 3, 2014

About Poly Chain

Hello folks how are you ? please I would like to know if possible to use Poly Chain between Mono Evolver keyboard and mopho desktop ? Thanks all Adriano
Adriano Haveck
Jun 5, 2014

WTB/WTT: Anatek Pocket Filter / Midi Solutions Event Processor

Hi, I'm looking for one of these... if you have one which you'd like to sell or trade please email me: gil_we(at)yahoo.com Thanks !
Apr 24, 2014

iPad and TB MIdi Stuff app: The DSI Evolver editor

Hi all :) We are really glad and proud to introduce a new template for TB MIdi Stuff app: The DSI Evolver editor. This template will let you edit your DSI
Klaudio Analog
Feb 24, 2014

Re: Fwd:

Hello. I'm from Russia. Recently became the proud owner of DSI Mopho. Very pleased with this tool.
Jan 3, 2014

Re: Logic 8

What midi interface do you have and how is it connected to the Evolver?
Jan 3, 2014

Re: [Evolver] Logic 8

Turn it around and use the evolver midi clock to be the timer for logic.  If you set it up as a template, then you can use it only when you want to.
bert jaensch
Dec 22, 2013

Re: Desktop Evolver Not Responding

Check the MIDI Rec on the top row? If it's off it's off...
Dec 20, 2013
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