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$1000 for Juan Segarra Palmer

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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is proud and excited to announce the RELEASE OF PUERTO RICAN POLITICAL PRISONER JUAN SEGARRA PALMER ON JANUARY 23RD, 2004!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2004
      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is proud and excited to announce the
      23RD, 2004!!

      Juan Segarra Palmer's release was the end product of decades of organizing,
      educating and mobilzing all communities to support the freedom of the Puerto
      Rican Political Prisoners!!

      ProLibertad is trying to raise money to support Juan on the outside. We are
      asking folks to help us in an emergency fund-raising drive for Juan Segarra

      WE ARE TRYING TO RAISE $1000 FOR JUAN!! Please send your tax deductible
      donation to:

      402 w145th St
      New York, NY 10031

      ENDORSE the check to ProLibertad and write "FOR JUAN SEGARRA PALMER" in the
      memo Section!!

      Below is an artilce on the unitary support being organized in Puerto Rico
      for Juan's Arrival!!

      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
      Bronx 718-601-4751
      Manhattan 212-927-9065
      New Jersey 201-435-3244


      Let Us Welcome Compa�ero Juan Segarra Palmer!
      By Jorge Farinacci Garc�a

      Compa�ero Juan E. Segarra Palmer (Papo) will be leaving a Federal Prison in
      the State of Florida this coming January 23, 2004, after having been
      imprisoned for nearly 19 years. This pro-independence fighter was arrested
      during a huge repressive operation which was carried out in Puerto Rico by
      U.S. armed agents on August 30, 1985, with the alleged objective of dealing
      a crippling blow to the pro-independence organization PRTP-EPB (Macheteros).

      All those who struggle in our homeland for a better future for our people,
      for a free, just and democratic future, has a great debt with brothers and
      sisters such as Juan Segarra who have dedicated their lives in the struggle
      for our cause and have suffered the brunt of the fury of U.S. imperialism.
      The government of the United States alleged that Compa�ero Segarra was one
      of the main leaders of the revolutionary organization The Macheteros and
      alleged further that he led the operation that expropriated the deposits of
      the Wells Fargo Company in Hartford, Connecticut. This operation which was
      carried out by the Macheteros resulted in more than 7 million dollars
      getting into the hands of the revolutionary movement with the goal of
      advancing the anti-colonial and independence cause in Puerto Rico, as was
      recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice. It is important to note that
      representatives of the U.S. Justice Department were forced to admit that all
      that money was utilized for the purposes just mentioned and that no one
      utilized these funds for personal gain.

      For all the people of Puerto Rico, for the friends, family members and
      comrades in struggle of Papo Segarra and for all those men and women that
      today continue to hold high the banners of justice and freedom, it is a
      great source of pride to have the privilege of being able to welcome this
      Compa�ero who has given his all for our cause.

      Upon this Compa�ero�s return to Puerto Rico during the weekend of January
      24-25, 2004, pro-independence fighters of all political stripes and
      ideological tendencies, including socialists, nationalists, Christians and
      others, will be united in the jubilation and joy that is embodied in being
      able to welcome to his homeland this hero of our cause. We do so in the
      same manner in which we have welcomed home other heroes and sheroes that
      have returned to Puerto Rico from the jails of the empire and whose return
      has been a result of our peoples continued and unceasing struggle for the
      freedom of each and everyone of them.

      During these unitary and well deserved welcoming activities all
      pro-independence organizations will participate including, the Socialist
      Front and its member organizations such as The Workshop for Political
      Formation (TFP), The Socialist Movement of Workers (MST), The Revolutionary
      Party of Puerto Rican Workers (PRTP), Communist Refoundation (RC), Union of
      Socialist Youth (UJS) and the Revolutionary Youth League (LJR). In addition
      other organizations such as The National Hostosiano Congress-New Puerto
      Rican Pro-Independence Movement(Congreso Nacional Hostosiano-Nuevo
      Movimiento Independentista Puertorrique�o), The Nationalist Party of Puerto
      Rico (Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico), The Puerto Rican Independence
      Party (Partido Independentista Puertorrique�o), The Resistance Collective
      (El Colectivo de Resistencia) and The Revolutionary Movement of the People
      (Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo). Also participating actively will be
      the Committee for Human Rights (Comit� Pro Derechos Humanos) and
      organization active in the demands for the freedom of all our political

      I would like to highlight and make special mention of the participation of
      all the student and youth organizations such as the University Federation
      Pro Independence (Federaci�n Universitaria Pro Independencia), The
      Revolutionary Youth League (Liga Juvenil Revolucionaria) and the Union of
      Socialist Youth (Union de Juventudes Socialistas) who are making special
      efforts around these activities and taking on important tasks in the
      organization and development of the same. We are conscious of the fact that
      none of these young people have had the opportunity to meet Compa�ero Papo
      Segarra personally but have clearly expressed their ardent desire to know a
      person that has contributed so much so that today our movement continues to
      be such a vibrant political force in Puerto Rico.

      All of these organizations along with Papo�s friends and family have come
      together in the �Welcoming Committee for Juan Segarra Palmer�. We have
      assumed the task of making the welcoming event for the Compa�ero one which
      is characterized by its vibrancy, by its high level of human warmth and
      profound patriotic fervor. Present in this peoples� welcome in spirit will
      be his mother and father who struggled for his freedom but passed away
      before actually seeing him free.

      The Welcoming Committee will shortly be making public the details of the
      welcoming, including the exact time and day of his return and the
      participation of religious, labor and trade union sectors who have become a
      part of this activity.

      Today, we make a call to everyone so that none may miss this opportunity and
      privilege to participate in an event of this importance for our struggle.
      We call upon everyone to join us at the Airport in Carolina on the day of
      the return to his people of Compa�ero Juan E. Segarra Palmer.

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