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APF Radio tonight: Shabana Azmi / Indonesian military ties / Gujarat 6 months after

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  • Aniruddha Das
    NOTE OUR NEW TIME Tune in 8-9 pm EST Tuesday Oct 1, 2002 ASIA PACIFIC FORUM on WBAI 99.5 FM, New York City Or listen on OUR WEBSITE:
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      Tune in 8-9 pm EST
      Tuesday Oct 1, 2002 
      WBAI 99.5 FM, New York City 

      Or listen on OUR WEBSITE:

      NOTE: We have started ARCHIVING AUDIO FILES of our old programs on our website. Go to �archives� to listen to specific programs.


      Last Friday, East Timor became the newest member of the UN, taking its much-deserved place on the world stage. But at the same time, the Bush administration is working hard to undermine one of our major victories from that struggle: There is now a bill before Congress to restore military training ties with the Indonesian military, ties that were severed in 1999 with the international outcry following the Indonesian military-led carnage after the Timorese independence referendum. We talk to:

      JOHN MILLER of ETAN (East Timor Action Network)

      about the significance of this restoration of military ties.

      For more info on this issue, go to:
      Website: www.etan.org

      2: It is just over six months since the start of the horrendous violence in the state of Gujarat in India, with state-sponsored anti-Muslim pogroms killing some 2000 people. This milestone gains added significance, not only with the fact that some 200,000 people remain homeless and that the killers remain entirely unpunished, but also with the horrific terrorist incident about 10 days ago, where terrorists broke into a temple in Gandhinagar, also in Gujarat, and killed some 30 people, mostly women and children. To bring us up to date on all of these issues we have:

      SMITA NARULA, Senior Researcher at the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch (HRW)

      You can link to HRW�s reports on these issues at:

      3: Finally, the New York Film Festival is honouring the acting life of an old friend of APF�s, the Indian actor, activist and Member of Parliament, Shabana Azmi, with a retrospective of all her films at the Lincoln Center�s Walter Reade Theater. To talk about this remarkable woman and her life�s work, her acting career and her political involvement, we will have a conversation with:

      PARAG AMLADI, Indian film critic and historian and long-time member of Left film-society movement in India.

      Parag is currently teaching at the City University of New York
      has all the details of the Lincoln Center / New York Film Festival�s special retrospective �The Actor as Activist, Celebrating Shabana Azmi� including still photos.

      The program is brought to you by Aniruddha Das of APF and the SAMAR collective.
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