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  • Todd E.
    Protest NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Wednesday Feb. 6 at 12 Noon ``1 Hunter s Point Plaza`` is 47-40 21st Street Long Island City, NY 11101 [
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2013
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      Protest NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
      Wednesday Feb. 6 at 12 Noon
      ``1 Hunter's Point Plaza`` is 47-40 21st Street Long Island City, NY 11101
      [ at 47th Rd.: <http://goo.gl/maps/PX9mv> mta.info hopstop.com ]

      Please invite all folks to the Facebook event:

      It's the 11th hour in the fight against fracking
      in New York! The Cuomo Administration believes it
      can get away with selling out our state this
      month (see below for the details). This despite
      the recent filing of more than 204,000 public
      comments with the DEC against the deeply flawed
      Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS).

      To save our state we have to:
      • Protest at the DEC, and at rallies,
      demonnstrations and hearings all this week (Go to
      www.dontfrackny.org for all this information);
      • Sign the Don't Frack NY Pledge of Resistance
      • Sign up for Non Violent Civil Disobedience Training (NVDA)


      The purpose of the protest is
      • to call out DEC employees to folllow their
      conscience, resist the SGEIS process from within
      the DEC, and become whistleblowers;
      • to deliver signed copies of the Pledge of
      Resistance (we'll have those for you there);

      YOU SHOULD BRING: your own personal symbols of
      what we all will lose if fracking continues to
      spread in New York State (postcard of NY State
      farms/tourist destinations, personal photo, small
      container of water, etc.--all of these should be
      things that you can leave behind at the DEC
      office). And your anti-fracking signs.

      This is a straightforward, non-violent demonstration. We aim for no arrests.

      Take G train to the 21st St. Station, or the 7 to
      the Hunter's Point station. The DEC office is
      just over the Pulaski Bridge if you are coming from Williamsburg or Greenpoint.

      The DEC must meet certain legal requirements in
      order to release fracking regulations and open up the state.
      -- If the DEC has not issued the revised
      Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) by
      February 27th, the process resets and the DEC
      must conduct another round of public comment
      hearings and review. Without the SGEIS, the DEC
      can't issue regulations. No regulations, no expansion of fracking in New York.
      -- Before issuing the SGEIS, the DEC must
      publish a 10-day notice of its intent to do so.
      Because the DEC publishes a weekly Environmental
      Notice Bulletin every Wednesday, the 10-day
      notice would appear in the February 13th edition.
      By visiting the DEC on February 6th, we are
      giving the DEC and Governor Cuomo a one-week
      notice that proceeding with the SGEIS would
      activate DFNY's Pledge of Resistance to Fracking.
      -- By scheduling actions all this week around
      the state, we can show Andrew Cuomo that the
      power of our movement is growing and that
      allowing fracking in New York would end his
      political career. We, the motivated, organized,
      fearless activists of the State of New York must
      serve as a prime deterrent to Cuomo's misguided plan of action.

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