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Justice for Haris Ahmed: Request for Support

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  • malangbaba
    Salaam, For those in the Atlanta area... Ýí ÃóãÇä Çááå fahd ... Greetings Friend and Ally, Hope this message find you in good health and spirit. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009

    For those in the Atlanta area...

    في أَمان الله


    Greetings Friend and Ally, 

    Hope this message find you in good health and spirit. 

    We request your support and help around Haris Ahmed's trial which begins TOMORROW June 1.  

    As you may have heard, Haris, a US citizen and a GA Tech student, was interrogated by the FBI for 13 hours with the promise of release following his cooperation. However, he was arrested and placed in deplorable solitary confinement for over 3 years since March 2006 in violation of his 8th Amendment Rights against cruel and unusual punishment. His legal case is mired with several problems, from coercive tactics the FBI used to charges that are just exaggerated and distorted. His trial begins TOMORROW June, 1 at 9 AM.  Trial is scheduled from June 1-- June 5.  Haris will make closing statement at his trial.  

    We believe it is important for community members to attend his trials to make observations and raise our voices against coercive methods that government have been employing on Muslim American youth to entrap them.  

    We request your support and presence to stand beside the Ahmed's family and attend the trial.

    Please distribute the attached flyers to your communities, organizations and requests your friends and families to support the family by attending trial.  


    Trial Begins:  June 1, 9 AM 

    Closing Statement by Haris Ahmed expected:  June 5 (date may change, please attend trial to find out exact date and time)

    Richard B. Russell Federal Building
    75 Spring St. SW
    Room  1705, Jude Duffey


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