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19523Moment of Silence f/ Victims of Police Brutality tonight Thurs.

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  • Justice Duckling
    Aug 14, 2014
      From < https://www.facebook.com/OccupyMutualAid/events>...

      National Moment of Silence For Victims of Police Brutality 2014 (NYC)
      Tonight Thurs Aug 14, 7:00pm  Locations:  < https://facebook.com/events/502898736521107/> < https://facebook.com/events/1472130743042026/> Tompkinsville, Staten Is.,  Union Sq., Morningside Park,  Fulton Park in Bed-Stuy, Baisley Pond Park in Jamaica


      Planning Meeting for Aug 23rd #JusticeforEricGarner March
      Sat. Aug. 16, 12:00pm Tompkinsville, Staten Is < https://facebook.com/events/269742249896006/>

      We Will Not Go Back #JusticeForEricGarner March #WeWillNotGoBack
      Sat. Aug. 23, 11:00am Tompkinsville, Staten Is < https://facebook.com/events/624102081037827/>

      Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 12:14:54 -0400
      From: Justin Stone-Diaz <justinstonediaz@...>
      Subject: [s17-discussion] OpFerguson, NMOS14 & Justice for Eric Garner
      < mailto:sympa@...?subject=subscribe%20s17-discussion

      Heya Comrades-

      You probably have heard by now about the murder of Eric Garner at the hands of #MyNYPD. The tragic incident occured right down the street from where me & the other Occupy Sandy/ SI Tool Library volunteers are living in exchange for our long term mutual aid work in Sandy affected areas.

      So we've been asked by the local grassroots community to support the micro local organizing happening in & around Tompkinsville Park on SI.

      We've been gathering with friends, family & neighbors of Eric at the site of his murder each week to help hold a space to organize the community's response.

      Weekly at 2:00 PM Staten Islanders have been marching from Tompkinsville Park to the 120th Precinct to deliver the community's demands & keep pressure on local elected officials.

      Like many of you I have been mobilized as apart of the #OpFerguson horizontal #anon response to the unrest in Ferguson after the death of Mike Brown and their community has called for a national moment of silence TONIGHT at 7 PM.

      Having been online as Mike Brown was murdered I've working side by side with newly mobilized neighbors in Ferguson & they'd love your support in ANY form to bring this important dialog about police brutality to our networks & local communities.

      We'll also be having a planing meeting for the Aug 23 march that Rev Al Sharpton called for-

      Thankfully his organization has listened to those on Staten Island & will be holding the march along the route locals have each Saturday & not across the VZ bridge.

      Hit me up if you have any questions or are looking to connect with #OpFerguson & the neighbors we are supporting directly!

      Hope to see you tonight & on Aug 23 !



      Sat Aug 16
      #JusticeForEricGarner on Staten Island

      Sat Aug 23

      justin stone-diaz - community organizer - social media activist

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