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WTB: a large hunting pack crafted from wyvern hide

Looking to purchase the end quest prize from Beyond the Barrier: a large hunting pack crafted from wyvern hide If you have one please sent me an AIM to AshtyDR
12:51 PM

Big Necro for Sale/Trade

Looking to trade my necro, Will trade for ANY guild empath/traders included. I will Pay more $ and trade, or Take $ and maybe a smaller Character. This is one
12:50 PM

FS: Cheap thief

Name: **** Race: Human Guild: Thief Gender: Male Age: 77 Circle: 86 You were born on the 2nd day of the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the
12:50 PM

looking for someone that has lots of experience with alterations to

As the title says I'm looking for someone with a good bit of experience with alterations and the guidelines they would have to follow for making a custom item.
Amingo A
8:16 AM

looking to buy large capacity worn cambrinth item.

I'm looking to buy a large mana battery cambrinth item. Needing something 200 min more would be better. Please reply with what you have and how much your
8:16 AM

UD2 Bulk Pack QS

Going well so far.. Pickup in Crossing. First person to reply gets them. email back or AIM WWalcars Not breaking them up. Great for shop stock or auctions or
Robert McMillan
2:32 AM

Limited Treasure Shop Stuff

Selling a few items from the Limited Treasures shop. https://elanthipedia.play.net/mediawiki/index.php/Limited_Treasures
2:32 AM

Comprehensive Combat Script for SF

I'm learning to be a decent scripter on my own, but there are some things that are still out of my league. I am curious how much a very detailed, custom
2:31 AM

UD7: Limited Siegery, Mats (including mammoth bone), HX repeater. Lo

I have the following for sale. Also, looking for 1, 3, or 5 volumes of tyrium. AIM: DRVaults 1) transparent icesteel repair case bound in bands of flame-kissed
2:31 AM

FS: Great starter barb

Still debating on if i want to sell him or not. Any interest should leave a message here with any offers and AIM contact. (may accept trades) Name: *********
10:12 PM

WTB Paladin/Barbarian 150 plus

Looking to buy a Paladin or a Barbarian circle 150 plus. Please send me the stats/exp and item listing of what comes with and of course price to this email or
9:37 PM

WTB Empath 100+

Looking to buy an Empath level 100+ AIM is PranxDR or reply to this message
Nov 30

Plats for Cash Plus Insanely low hindrance shirt/pants and other ite

Email me here or reach out to me on AIM at Fool422 Selling plats again! Bulk discounts available: 1K Kronar - $11 1K Lirum - $12 1k Dok - $13 Armor! Lowest
Nov 30

Pot LUCK Scrolls!!!!!!

0 Attachment I have lots of scrolls. Fresh off the battle room floor. As most of you already know, I am much to lazy to read and sort all these, SO, they are
Nov 30

WTS 127 Ranger, 121 WM, 47 Necro

Some great characters to offer up for sale, not known, all in good standings, no warnings or issues. Payment via Paypal Friends and Family, My auction, my
Nov 30
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