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WTB King Fade / Ambika / BS Weapons

Looking to purchase a heavy puncture, fairly or better suited LE under 30 stones. Paying real life $$$ cash. Excellent crafted weapons you think might fit the
3:25 PM

63rd combat necro for sale.

I'm selling Lolindyr. If you know who he is then you know how hard I train him. You also know he's got awesome gear and master crafted rare mat weapons. I
nathan volk
3:25 PM

FS: 157th Warmie with kertig/haruluan weapons & damite/lumium armor

I would like this auction done by FRIDAY so get your bids in. Whoever has highest bid by then will take him. God rules apply. Paypal Only. Account takeover. He
12:13 PM

Bulk Backpacks up for bid! Some Wren Faire and Ice Fest items includ

The vault cleaning continues! Please reply to this post only. My computer loves to eat IM's so bids will not be accepted via IM. PLEASE INCLUDE YOU AIM
10:49 AM

Looking for fest/rare forging instructions

My aim is xstyx420x I know there was some plate and chain instructions that were won. Also looking for any other rare instructions. Please let me know what
Jay Lussier
10:49 AM

FS: 157th Warmie with kertig/haruluan weapons & damite/lumium armor

God rules apply. Paypal Only. Account takeover. He also has rare items like a totem from a fest years ago. Crafted weapons. Note: I did the exp calc and he's
9:25 AM

LF 150+ characters

In the market for buying characters right now, will look at anything you have. Prefer bulk deals or big characters with lots of gear. Send me whatcha got,
9:24 AM

Cheap Ranger FS

Great, well-rounded starter ranger for sale. Fun to hunt with. Almost ready for your very own wolf. Name: ***** Race: S'Kra Mur Guild: Ranger Gender: Male
7:53 AM

Bloodwood, Mistwood, Silverwood For Auction

AIM: Addrius Current Bids: Bloodwood: Minimum: 800p (50 plat per piece) Buy Out: 1920p (120 plat per piece) Mistwood: Minimum: 800p (50 plat per piece) Buy
7:53 AM

UPD#6 A Boat for Auction! A Brig!

Please reply to bid and leave AIM name as well. IM's will not be returned, real life is too busy so please only reply to the post. Paypal friends and family
6:44 AM

Prices Reduced!

AIM me at Dihaltus or email disirsiv at yahoo. Trades looked at! a pair of wyvern wings crafted from embossed leather (for hunting adult wyverns) Taking
4:51 AM

UD4: 46 Scrolls

AIM: justasquire CB: 400PK - SOLD to Dram. Please contact for pickup
8:33 PM

FS: Lumber

Below are listed all of the Deeds of Lumbers I am selling. For all MB: 600 plat kronars BO: ? s> read deed A deed for some ebony lumber reads: "The bearer of
8:33 PM

LF: K & J Stones

WTB K and J stones LMK what you have and what you will sell them for
8:33 PM

FS: 161 Moon Mage

Want to sale a 161 circle MM This MM has a past but has been very quiet over the last good while and really no friends to speak of, you could just move into
8:33 PM
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