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Re: [METHADONIA ] Re: problems w/ oral surgery & meds, etc.

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  • Terry and Dianne
    Hello METHADONIA My name is Terry Cox and my wife is Dianne. The happiest Day in my life was when they pulled out my teeth. Most of them that is. After 30
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 20, 2009
      Hello METHADONIA
      My name is Terry Cox and my wife is Dianne. The happiest
      Day in my life was when they pulled out my teeth. Most
      of them that is. After 30 years of being a Heroin addict in
      Little Rock, AK. my teeth were shot. I used to get Dentemp
      to fill in cavaties.I allso forged prescritions for Preludin
      BI 62. Anybody at Dolopinea Caffe know about those.
      My teeth really got bad when moved to Texas, got on Crystal
      meth and Cocaine. I had real bad teeth. We have been in
      Recovery for 25 years with clean UA's and post daily or
      read on the OR list maintained by our good friend Rokki.
      Nice place. Get in touch with Rokki to get in Opiate Recovey,
      I post daily there. We have a new chapter in Texas called
      No TX NO NAMA MAT. Barb still has TexNAMA. Since John
      passed away I thinks she's doing everything. John was a
      Hellava Adovate and Barb is too. Now, back to teeth. The
      dentist in Ft. Worth jerked12 of mine in 2 times there with
      just novacaine and gas. I went back in there and they took
      impressions and made dentures and put them in two weeks
      later. The place I went to was a block away from my
      Methadone clinic TCMERF. Stopped in when I would get take
      homes. Every 2 weeks. That was allso the happiest day of my
      life 25 year ago. Most of the pain is when you have an absessed
      tooth or a nerve is exposed so you should feel better when it's
      taken out. Good Luck!

      Terry Cox


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      > I have a ?question???? My front right tooth chipped off the other day while i was brushing my teeth. I'm pretty sure by the brown "decaying" color that its because my tooth is in some mid stages of decaying. My issue is, is that @ some point it will become abscessed and need to be either pulled or have a root canal. What is the dentist going to be able to do 4 me as far as pain control during the procedure? I'm on 160mgs of methadone liquid daiy for maintenance. I'm scared to death that I am going to have to experience the procedure(s) w/ no pain relief @ all. Is it possible, or will the severe pain alone cause me to either "seize", or die, or some other drastic thing happen??
      I always get Gas when I get dental work done with no ill effects. I would suggest dosing as close as you can get to a 1/2 hour before your appointment so your at the peak of your dose post op pain can be a little difficult as being on that kind of dose makes you tolerant to even high dose of pain meds, Tylenol will probably do more then a couple of oxycodones and a dentist is not likely to prescribe a high enough dose to do much. Talk to your Doctor or whoever is prescribing the methadone, they should be familiar with this. Pain can be a difficult issue when on methadone but it will not kill you or make you seize it just sucks. DON'T WAIT I have severe dentyal problems from 30 years of neglect. Waiting never makes it better and the farther along it goes the more pain you will have to deal with and one extraction is nothing compared to losing so many you can't eat. Good luck.

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