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[Fwd: JT Direct: Many Drivers Test Positive for Illicit Drugs]

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  • Roxanne
    ... Subject: JT Direct: Many Drivers Test Positive for Illicit Drugs Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 12:02:17 GMT From: Join Together
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      Subject: JT Direct: Many Drivers Test Positive for Illicit Drugs
      Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 12:02:17 GMT
      From: Join Together <updates@...>
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      *Daily Edition* January 3, 2007

      *TOP STORY*

      *Many Drivers Test Positive for Illicit Drugs*
      A new study finds that one-third of all drivers pulled over for
      suspicion of impaired driving tested positive for illicit drugs even
      though they were under the legal limit for driving with alcohol in their


      *Democratic Congress to Revisit Mandatory Minimums*
      The new Democrat-led Congress is expected to reopen the long debate over
      mandatory minimum sentences, including those that apply to drug-related

      *Afghan White Heroin Floods into California*
      Potent white heroin from Afghanistan is pouring into the California
      illicit-drug market, supplanting weaker brown heroin from Mexico and
      raising fears of increased addiction and overdose problems.

      More Headlines <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/i1Aok1M1gz8i/>


      *Researchers Say Orexin Blockers Could Prevent Alcohol Craving*
      Disrupting the brain's orexin system could prevent craving among
      alcoholics, according to new research from Australia's Howard Florey

      *CDC: Young Smokers Try Quitting Cold Turkey*
      Few young smokers use smoking-cessation devices and drugs when they try
      to quit, choosing instead to try to kick their addiction cold-turkey.

      More Research <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/ipAok1M1gz8o/>

      *YOUR TURN*

      *CADCA's Forum to Address Latest in Drug Prevention and Treatment*
      CADCA's National Leadership Forum XVII will be held on Feb. 12-15, 2007
      at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center. The conference -- themed
      "Coalitions: The Road to Results" -- will address hot-button issues
      facing prevention and treatment professionals; register before Jan. 9
      for an early-bird discount.

      More in Your Turn <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/kpAok1M1gz8P/>



      Tell Target: Binge Drinking is No Game



      After Prison: Roadblocks to Reentry

      Safe Lanes on Campus: A Guide for Preventing Impaired Driving and
      Underage Drinking <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/97Aok1M1gz8Y/>


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      Roxanne Baker C.M.A.
      Vice President/Chapter Coordinator
      NAMA Board
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