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[Fwd: JT Direct: Prescription Painkillers Becoming More Popular than Marijuana]

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  • Roxanne
    NOT A DOUBLE.. ... Subject: JT Direct: Prescription Painkillers Becoming More Popular than Marijuana Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:03:37 GMT From: Join Together
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      NOT A DOUBLE..

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      Subject: JT Direct: Prescription Painkillers Becoming More Popular than
      Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:03:37 GMT
      From: Join Together <updates@...>
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      *Daily Edition* October 31, 2006

      *TOP STORY*

      *Prescription Painkillers Becoming More Popular than Marijuana, SAMHSA
      Says* <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/O1Aok1M1eRU7/>
      Marijuana has long been the most popular illicit drug in the U.S., but
      federal researchers say that there are now more new recreational users
      of prescription painkillers than new pot smokers.


      *NAADAC Unveils Candidate Ratings*
      Want to know how your current lawmakers voted on addiction-related
      issues? NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Counselors, has just
      released ratings on all members of the U.S. Senate and House based on
      their roll-call votes on addiction-related issues.

      *Worrisome Proliferation of Energy Drinks*
      The market for energy drinks is worth an annual $3.4 billion, 500 new
      products were introduced last year, and 31 percent of U.S. teens say
      they drink the highly caffeinated beverages.

      *Supreme Court to Review Tobacco Award*
      The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether a $79.5-million
      punitive-damages award against Philip Morris was justified based on the
      company's actions in marketing cigarettes, or excessively higher than
      the compensatory damages awarded in the case.

      More headlines <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/b7Aok1M1eRUg/>


      *Decline in Adult Smoking Stalls*
      After falling for 8 straight years, the adult smoking rate in the U.S.
      held steady between 2004 and 2005, the federal Centers for Disease
      Control and Prevention says.

      More research news <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/67Aok1M1eRUW/>

      *TAKE ACTION!*
      Make sure your lawmakers read the Blueprint that will save lives!



      Frontlines: Linking Alcohol Services Research & Practice: Young People
      and Alcohol Disorders <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/OdAok1M1eRUu/>

      Prescription Drugs: OxyContin Abuse and Diversion and Efforts to Address
      the Problem <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/O7Aok1M1eRUj/>


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      Roxanne Baker C.M.A.
      Vice President/Chapter Coordinator
      NAMA Board


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