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[Fwd: JT Direct: Doctor Fights Limits on Buprenorphine]

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  • Roxanne
    ... Subject: JT Direct: Doctor Fights Limits on Buprenorphine Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 11:01:08 GMT From: Join Together
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      Subject: JT Direct: Doctor Fights Limits on Buprenorphine
      Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 11:01:08 GMT
      From: Join Together <jto-direct@...>
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      *Daily Edition*
      June 1, 2006

      *TOP STORY*

      *Doctor Fights Limits on Buprenorphine*
      The 30-patient limit on doctors who want to prescribe the anti-opiate
      drug buprenorphine should be dropped, a Fall River, Mass., psychiatrist


      *Souder Wants Drug War Spores Tested*
      An experimental plant-killing fungus should be tested on coca and
      poppies for possible deployment overseas, a leading drug-war supporter
      in Congress says.

      *Tobacco Industry Slammed for Tobacco Labels*
      Denouncing the 'lies' of the tobacco industry, World Health Organization
      officials said tobacco companies continue to mislead smokers by using
      terms like mild, light, low-tar, natural, organic, and additive-free to
      describe cigarettes.

      *Miss. Court Says Lawmakers Should Decide on Funding of Tobacco Program*
      A Mississippi judge has ruled that the state legislature, not the
      courts, must decide whether a successful stop-smoking campaign should be
      funded with proceeds from the nationwide tobacco settlement.

      More headlines <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/d1Aok1M1rm6v/>


      *Teens Should Be Screened for Drugs in ER, Study Says*
      Youths who come into hospital emergency rooms for treatment of trauma
      injuries should be routinely screened for alcohol and other drugs, a new
      study concludes.

      *Majority of U.S. Youth, Young Adult Club Drug Users Have Used Three or
      More Types of Illicit Drugs*
      The majority of club drug users are multiple drug users, according to a
      recent analysis of data from the 2002 National Survey on Drug Use and

      More research news <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/cdAok1M1rm66/>

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      Roxanne Baker C.M.A.
      Chapter Coordinator
      NAMA Board


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