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Re: [METHADONIA ] Re: true april fool.

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  • claude
    A methadone tolerant patient patient can take over 2x their dose without any harm it may make them drowsy. claude ... From: angiebaby5050 To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2005
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      A methadone tolerant patient patient can take over 2x their dose without any harm it may make them drowsy.

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      From: angiebaby5050
      To: DOLOPHINEA_CAFE@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 4:40 PM
      Subject: [METHADONIA ] Re: true april fool.

      Oh my LOL that was funny!but Really couldve hurt you or made you
      sick! youre lucky it didnt.Glad you are alright

      --- In DOLOPHINEA_CAFE@yahoogroups.com, "apaulling44"
      <apaulling@g...> wrote:
      > Hey, Dave from Texas here - just wanted to share an April fool
      > but this one is true. My wife & I have been going to same clinic
      > 15 years (I have had my same engineering position for 15 years as
      > coincidence??!? thats another storey...) she is on 120, I am on
      > 55mg of the cherry stuff. This morning we were called in to the
      > office as usual,traditionally women go first in couples. Our
      > started having us sign off urine reports a couple of months ago,
      > was delayed at the counter next to the dispensor window for this
      > reason. Me, with my head who knows were, just out of habit & not
      > paying attention, waited for a minute & saw her at the other
      > then drank hers!! Totally unintentional, just happened.
      > Of course the 2 workers went apeshit, the resident cop even came
      > from his slumber to see what was up. My main concern was that my
      > still would get her 120, they thought about it & then filled mine
      > with the difference & she drank. Their main concern was that I did
      > die or kill myself- they filled out an incident report & made me
      > & promise that I would not drive today & call later to report
      > my "progress". I just now called at noon, said I was in the local
      > casualty after running my car into a tree after nodding off.
      > Then said "APril fools" - Nurse did not laugh, but I could not
      > I really do not feel much difference, if anything have more energy
      > than usual. Maybe I should go up on my dose!!! the right way!!
      > david.

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