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Re: I No Longer

Steven 503 660 6251 I'll do it.
Nov 10, 2016

Re: I No Longer

hi whats the history like? steven Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"rokki@... [DOLOPHINEA_CAFE]" Date:Sat, Jun 6,
steven davis
Jun 7, 2015

I No Longer

Am able to over see this list....anyone wanna take it over? It needs some cleaning up. Haven't had time to put any time into this Group and it isn't mine so I
Jun 6, 2015

Re: Methadone Clnics

hey nancy, im prayin for ya steven ________________________________ From: Nancy To: DOLOPHINEA_CAFE@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, April 28,
steven davis
Apr 28, 2013

Methadone Clnics

Hi Dan, As a follow up to my original post, and in response to your reply: I have been through so much since my post (below) that I don't remember if I
Apr 28, 2013

Re: question.....

Hi Dan, As a follow up to my original post, and in response to your reply: I have been through so much since my first post that I don't remember if I responded
Apr 28, 2013

Re: question.....

Wow. thank you for that information. I will look into the things you have mentioned. I would not be opposed to flipping burgers. IF I were accepted to do that,
Feb 17, 2013

Re: question.....

First: Are there any publicly owned clinics (state, county, or non-profit foundation owned) in your area that you could transfer to? Often programs that
Dann White
Feb 17, 2013

Re: question.....

Oh, I'm so sorry, I meant to add that. I am in South Florida - Broward County. The clinic is the Clinic in Sunrise. (CMG: Colonial Management Group). I find it
Feb 17, 2013

Re: question.....

What state are you in, and which clinic do u attend? I may be able to refer u to some1 to help you. Dann Sent from my iPhone
Dann White
Feb 17, 2013


Hello, I'm new to the group. I have a question that I'm not sure anyone can answer. I am 55 and I've been on a relatively low dose of Methadone since 1997.
Feb 17, 2013

Re: methadone

Actually it's the AIDS meds that suck the life out of the methadone. There are some AIDS meds that the patient would do better with Suboxone or
Roxanne B
Jan 4, 2013

Those in need of a new clinic in the Meridian Mississippi area pleas

As so many are in need of a mmt clinic closer to their homes, I am interested in seeking zoning and permitting for the Merdian or surrounding areas, no one
Dec 31, 2012

Re: methadone

... We dont really have dose caps here in Tampa,FL that i know of i have seen people at my clinic from as low as 30mg-270mg daily but i personally think that
Dec 28, 2012

Happy Holidays

Just wanted to swing thru and say Happy Holidays to everyone...:) Rokki
Roxanne B
Dec 24, 2011
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