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992Re: [METHADONIA ] Re: shooting methadone

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  • Mark4wdw@aol.com
    Nov 5, 2003
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      I also read the comment about the "paper trail to you." I don't understand
      that comment. The pharmacy misread it and filled it wrong. Where is the wrong
      doing by you? It's not like you changed the prescription pad. You are in no way
      in any kind of trouble. Plus if this was filled at a regular pharmacy and it
      was not on insurance it goes no farther than their computer. I know several
      pharmacy techs. If it was on insurance still what the big deal you did nothing
      wrong even if it says 180 on the bottle and 285 are in it. They will never
      figure out where the missing ones went. IF the bottle says 285 (which I bet it does
      since it is double checked) nothing done wrong, the pharmacy read it wrong.

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