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991Re: [METHADONIA ] Re: shooting methadone

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  • Mark4wdw@aol.com
    Nov 5, 2003
      Truthfully, It happened to me in that I was getting 60 and it looked like
      160. I kept them and took them over time. The pharmacy wont take them back. So if
      you have enough restraint not to take a boat load at once. Hang on to them
      and do what you have been and take your proper dose. IF you don't think you can.
      Give them to someone you trust wont take them and get then in the proper dose
      when you need them. Just look at it a back up if anything ever happens with
      you doctor appointment. As a matter of fact just change you appointment and go
      when they run out then you wont be tempted to take too many because you know
      you have just enough to make it to the next appointment.

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