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  • odubya
    Jul 9, 2003
      I hope everyone is having a wonderful non-narcotic summer(besides
      your dose, of course!) I just wanted to check in and welcome any
      newcomers to the Cafe'...Also , I heard that some people might have
      had a problem accessing this site thru the NAMA website. I know it
      has had some problems but it looks like it's up and running fine
      now..As for me, I've been busy trying to light a fire under the
      Mississippi SMA's ass to get some treament going in this state. As
      par for everything around here, they are lollygaggin' and moving at a
      snail's pace, if at all. The last time I talked with him it sounded
      like they were going to push the use of Bupenorphine and completely
      ignore methadone.This is going to be a lifelong struggle probably for
      me. It would be nice to at least dose in my own state before I die,
      if not just go to a doctor for my dose. Now that's some VERY wishful
      thinking! OW