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  • odubya
    Aug 8, 2002
      Thanks Stef, for the information..So if anyone would like to check
      out a really good forum of a wide spectrum of methadone advocates and
      otheres related to mmt, check out the link listed below in Stef's
      post.It does look like it might grow again like it was a few years
      ago..And Stef,as far as the heat,it is ridiculously hot here..It is
      always hot & humid in my part of the country but it seems to get
      hotter and hotter each year..I know if we don't destroy the planet
      first it's gonna fry..I hope my next life I'm an eskimo and the North
      Pole will be like Hawaii! OW

      - In methadonia@y..., steph11219@a... wrote:
      > Hi Oats, Has everyone been having a heat wave? Yesterday and
      today, has
      > been unseasonably cool, but we have had some HOT weather here (New
      > And when it's hot, I don't feel like doing anything!! :o)
      > I don't know how you all, that live with the heat all the time,
      handle it.
      > Anyway, here is the URL to subscribe to the calyx list:
      > Copy it exactly as written.
      > <A
      Info Page
      > </A>
      > https://lists.calyx.net/lists/listinfo/methadone
      > Take care, Stephanie
      > In a message dated 8/7/02 3:15:47 PM, no_reply@y... writes:
      > << OK ,EVERYONE! WHERE'D YA GO??? We left off chewin' out one
      > then everyone else is loafin' somewhere(including me!)The Methadone
      > Calyx is looking better lately..That is good news? If someone has
      > info handy to join it you're welcome to post it in here..Nothing
      > exciting here right now...More news at 11! OW
      > >>
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