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  • Rokki Baker
    Apr 26, 2002
      --- odubya <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > Hey Lesa~ Congratulations on your sobriety! Please
      > keep us updated of
      > your progress,or any slips if they occur..I wanna
      > hear about it! As
      > far as me,I'm 45 yrs. old and after more than half
      > of it strung out
      > on dope I think MMT is as sober as I'm gonna
      > get..But I really admire
      > your courage.Keep up the good work! Oats

      Hey Oats...:)

      Methadone is not for everyone,but for me,as well as
      thousands upon thousands of Patients,it has not only
      saved our Lives but some of us have come back with a
      Mission. To help other Methadone Patients know their
      rights and to help them understand about how methadone
      is not exchanging one drug for another,but it keeps
      the disease in check as long as you continue to take
      it..Just like my thyroid meds,they are not a cure,but
      they keep my disease in check as long as I take
      Also,a lot of times it's not so much thge medication
      that leaves the bad taste in ones mouth,but the way
      it's doled out to us...We are treated ike children who
      do not know how to take a
      medication..Hopefully,someday,they will put all of Us
      Advocates out of biz..<I can Dream,Can't I?>...:D


      - Rokki Baker NAMA NorCal "Together we CAN make a Difference" http://www.methadone.org

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