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  • sharpshooter7007
    Feb 1, 2002
      Hi Waitsnomore,<br> I'm Sharpshooter.<br> Your
      bronchitis, overlook my spelling, could be something that you
      have just developed. It happens to peolpe sometimes as
      they age. It could be due to smoking, maybe you work
      in a factory and it could be something you are
      breathing, there is such a wide range of things that could
      be causing you to get brochitis over and over
      again.<br> Talk to your family doctor, it could be something
      very simple that people don't normally think
      about.<br> Congradulations on being clean for 12 to 13
      years. I can't wait till I have that much time under my
      belt.<br> Me and my husband have been clean for 9 months
      now. We got hooked on oxcy's and had to get on
      Methadone. We are in the process of detoxing now. We have
      been on Methadone since May of 2001. I will not
      consider myself completely clean until we are completely
      detoxed off the Methadone too. It doesn't go with my
      system. There has not been one day since I have been on
      Methadone, that I have felt good. I always feel blah. Not
      sick, just blah. I am down to 33 mls and my husband is
      down to 55mls. He is still coming down 5 mls a week
      but I can't come down but 2 or 3 mls every week or
      two. But we will be off of it one day. That will be a
      wonderful day. <br> There are a lot of people who go to the
      clinic and abuse the Methadone, a $10.00 a day buzz,
      they call it. It makes me sick to think that there are
      people who really want to get help and then you have
      these assholes, excuse my language, going up there
      everyday just to get high. It makes me sick. I have even
      heard of people shooting up there take homes. That is
      CRAZY.<br> All that really matters is that me and my husband
      and getting help and getting better and we are
      bettering ourselves. I just wish other people would help
      themselves too.<br> Well, enough of my babbling. I just
      wanted to drop you a line and introduce myself to
      you.<br> I have been very business lately, I have 2 home
      based businesses. But I have met some wonderful people
      in this club and I always say, you can never have
      too many freinds.<br> Feel free to send me an e-mail
      anytime.<br> Take care of yourself and all your loved ones. I
      hope you feel better and find an answer to your
      bronchitis problem.<br><br> Sharpshooter7007
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