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  • Gennaro Massi
    Aug 30, 2011
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      Boy you said it!!!   That's the way to detox, 2 mg every 2 weeks. I did it like that only I went down 1 mg every week, I guess that's the same as 2 mg every 2 weeks, but maybe the 2mg every 2 weeks is probably better, since your body has more time to adjust to new dose. Hey Roxanne, I wish
      you were my Doctor or Counselor in the past, detox would have been so much easier and maybe I could have had a better chance. So I came up with the detoxing at 1 mg per week. Sure it took over a year, but it was painless........... And please don't cheat, because you will mess it all up!!! and you might have to start over, or go back up. The slower the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Safely would be no more then 2 mgs every 2 weeks. It's up to the patient really,but a lot of patients will 1)Tapter for the wrong reasons 2) be forced to taper due to an uneducated Counselor 3) if you taper quickly you will likely relapse with 3 months or sooner.

      Check out www.methadone.org

      Roxanne Baker
      President NAMA-Recovery

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      Subject: [METHADONIA ] methadone

      I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the legal amount of methadone that can be decreased from a patient safely at one time? I would greatly appreciate any info that one might have. Thank you!

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