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2257Re: [METHADONIA ] 40mg. methadone diskets new regulations?

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  • prezrokki@comcast.net
    May 3, 2010
      This decision was made many yrs ago when the deaths became a huge problem. The Companies that make methadone decided among themselves that they would only give diskettes to methadone programs or hospitals. Pain patients no longer receive diskettes. I have to take a bunch of 10 mg pills each day. Thank goodness they are good ones and not a lot of buffers to hurt my organs.
      Just a quick not Mike,....I have been an army of one since 1989 and have accomplished some great stuff in my State<CA> You just need to stick in there and don't give up. So many patients are full of fear and I don't blame them. It wasn't until I became educated about regulations on all levels and knew when I was being being @#$ that I got really involved in Advocacy. My clinic at that time did heavy retribution on me. They took my take homes away. I said "Fine!,I'll be here 7 days a week to educate patients" I didn't let them win!
      So don't feel you are alone. If we could clone Advocates there would 100's of Rokki's everywhere keeping things right and tight...:)

      Take Care and Hang in there..:)


      Roxanne Baker C.M.A.

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      Subject: [METHADONIA ] 40mg. methadone diskets new regulations?

      members, I have been seeing some reports that the 40 mg. tablets will no longer be available for pain clinics, I was wondering if this is also true for mmt clinics? Does anyone have any information on this?

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