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2184Re: Clinic Harrassment

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  • bsfish425
    Dec 8, 2009
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      Hi Roxanne,

      Thanks for the response, I feel so alone and targetted. I've asked to see both the director and the doctor 3x and been denied/disregarded by my counselor, who wants to handle this via treatment team where I can't attend and do not have a voice. This past week they've drug screened me 4 times in one week. It's like payback (which another counselor had warned me about when she read the complaint I wrote to the doctor and director). I'm at the point where I'm ready to detox myself because I cannot stand the constant harrassment everyday.
      I will contact the NAMA rep that you spoke of because I'm really at my breaking point. It's horrible living under the thumb of these unprofessional and hostile staff who hold such power over you.
      At treatment team tommorrow they are taking up the issues I brought up, including whether to give me my take homes back. I told my counselor that I plan to detox hard and fast if they decide not to give them back because attending the clinic everyday under these circumstances is devastating me emotionally and mentally. I didn't present it as a threat, simply as a plan B.

      Again, thanks for the comraderie

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      > Have you tried to take care of this at programs level? It sounds like you have. Did you meet with the Director and let Them know you would like to keep this at program level? If you can't get a rise there go to www.methadone.org and look up the Florida rep for NAMA Recovery who is Nan W. Contact her,e-mail,and see what you 2 can come up with. There are many ways to deal with this...You do have rights as a patient,quiet as it's kept..:)
      > Rokki
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      > > I've been clean at the PAR (Florida) clinic for 5 years, then lost my job, my aunt & father died, etc...I relapsed with coke and was caught and subsequently lost my take homes for 3 months. The 3 months passed with all clean urines and I should have been given my take homes back on November 15th, but the very day that my TH were to be given back to me, a nurse said I looked "slow" (I was subsequently diagnosed with Swine Flu which explained why I looked awful)and demanded a UA. The UA was left unattended for 10 minutes by staff so they could/would not use it, counted it against me and keep putting off giving me back my THs by saying that "we need to review the issue at treatment team". Meanwhile, I lost my new job due to not being able to get there on-time (due to not receiving take-homes) and I've made a formal complaint which has resulted in the nurses treating me really unprofessionally. I'm so upset, that I'm getting ready to detox myself (I'm at 200mg). Any suggestions re: recourse to clinic's treatment of me and also how to detox myself off of 200mg w/o going crazy. The only other clinic is one hour away and they won't honor my previous 6 takehomes/5 years clean time unless my present clinic says that I presently have them.
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