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2181Clinic Harrassment

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  • bsfish425
    Dec 7, 2009
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      I've been clean at the PAR (Florida) clinic for 5 years, then lost my job, my aunt & father died, etc...I relapsed with coke and was caught and subsequently lost my take homes for 3 months. The 3 months passed with all clean urines and I should have been given my take homes back on November 15th, but the very day that my TH were to be given back to me, a nurse said I looked "slow" (I was subsequently diagnosed with Swine Flu which explained why I looked awful)and demanded a UA. The UA was left unattended for 10 minutes by staff so they could/would not use it, counted it against me and keep putting off giving me back my THs by saying that "we need to review the issue at treatment team". Meanwhile, I lost my new job due to not being able to get there on-time (due to not receiving take-homes) and I've made a formal complaint which has resulted in the nurses treating me really unprofessionally. I'm so upset, that I'm getting ready to detox myself (I'm at 200mg). Any suggestions re: recourse to clinic's treatment of me and also how to detox myself off of 200mg w/o going crazy. The only other clinic is one hour away and they won't honor my previous 6 takehomes/5 years clean time unless my present clinic says that I presently have them.
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