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1866[Fwd: JT Direct: Schools Face Loss of Federal Funds for Barring Drug Searches]

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  • Roxanne
    Nov 2 12:31 PM
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      Subject: JT Direct: Schools Face Loss of Federal Funds for Barring Drug
      Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 12:01:37 GMT
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      *Daily Edition* November 2, 2006

      *TOP STORY*

      *Schools Face Loss of Federal Funds for Barring Drug Searches*
      The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would
      strip schools of federal Safe and Drug-Free Schools funds if they do not
      allow searches for weapons and drugs.


      *College Alcohol Arrests Up*
      The U.S. Department of Education says that alcohol-related arrests on
      college campuses rose 10 percent from 2003 to 2004. Between 2002 and
      2003, by comparison, alcohol-related arrests rose just 2.7 percent.

      *Sweat vs. Smoking* <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/WdAok1M14zU4/>
      Exercise can be an effective ally to cessation drugs in helping smokers
      to quit, researchers say.

      *Almost All Funding for Weak Ohio Ballot Question Comes from R.J.
      Reynolds* <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/O7Aok1M14zUc/>
      Tobacco company R. J. Reynolds provided 99.8 percent of the funding for
      a campaign to amend Ohio's constitution and insert a weak antismoking law.

      More headlines <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/OdAok1M14zUd/>


      *More than Half of U.K. Violence Tied to Binge Drinking*
      Binge drinking is the root cause of 56 percent of all fights and other
      incidents of violence in Great Britain, according to a study from the
      U.K. Department of Health.

      *Adults with Earlier Onset of Alcohol Dependence More Likely to Wait to
      Seek Treatment* <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/WpAok1M14zUf/>
      One-fourth of adults who were ever alcohol dependent sought help or
      treatment for a reason related to their drinking at some point in their
      life. Among those who sought help, those with earlier onset of alcohol
      dependence took longer to do so.

      More research news <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/W7Aok1M14zUr/>

      *TAKE ACTION!*
      Make sure your lawmakers read the Blueprint that will save lives!



      The NSDUH Report: State Estimates of Underage Drinking

      Current Alcohol Research <http://members.jointogether.org/ct/IdAok1M14zU5/>


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      Roxanne Baker C.M.A.
      Vice President/Chapter Coordinator
      NAMA Board


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